Young Lawyers

Bar Council’s CPD proposals flawed

Shanmuga K says no to mandatory CPD. Carrot more than stick.

5 years ago

#LoyarBogel: The Importance of Small Tasks

LoyarBogel has some advice for pupils.

7 years ago

The New Young Lawyers Movement Begins 1 June 2013…

Are you ready for the new (and awesome) Young Lawyers movement?

8 years ago

Ayuh, Peguam Muda! Mari Sertai Litigasi Kepentingan Awam!

Peguam muda diajak bergiat dalam litigasi kepentingan awam

8 years ago

KLYLC Social Get Together: Friday, 13 May 2011

You're invited (yes, even if you're not a lawyer) for the KLYLC's first social event of the new term!

10 years ago

LLVL: How To Stand Out In The Chambering Pool

Tips for chambering pupils and young lawyers to make a good first impression.

10 years ago

Your Questions Answered!

Alter Ego responds to some of your email queries. Is she married? Why do young lawyers get paid so little?…

10 years ago

LoyarBorak #7: Podcast On Young Lawyers’ Working Conditions

Richard Wee, Olivia Loh, and Kenneth Wong discuss Young Lawyers' Working Conditions.

10 years ago

Young Lawyer Working Conditions – A Cause Worth Fighting For?

A refreshingly frank and eloquent consideration of the state of remuneration in the legal profession for young lawyers and their…

11 years ago