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Criminalizing Liberty (Second Segment)

Criminalizing Liberty (Second Segment)

Criminalizing Liberty: Segment II of this article highlights the legislative powers between the Federal Legislature and the State Legislatures as well as the legal source of the relevant issues and certain policy considerations.

A Reply to Americk

This was a post that I wrote sometime in middle/late 2007 in reply to Americk Sidhu’s (yes, the same one who shared with us a few lovely articles not too long ago) post in one of two online forum’s that I co-moderate. Though I do not harbour such sentiments (abandoning my country) any more in my weaker moments (it’s amazing how just how much hope can be unleashed when BN’s majority was reduced from 2/3rd to about 11/20), I thought I’d share this posting because the sentiments expressed in there with respect to being a Muslim in this country is still valid if not intensified. Also there is my rather raw and brief analysis on the rise of the Islamist in our country, which I have made explicit for comment, criticism or contemplation – all are welcome.

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