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The ONLY MerdekakanMalaysia Run (2nd): Crying Out For Brave Leaders To Free Malaysia

3 days, 6 runners, 6 LoyarBurokkers – 5 Malaysians (& 1 of unknown pedigree), 4 making their historic debut runs – present 6 reflections on what we all need to do to liberate Malaysia. Lisa Ng surveyed the basic issues and asked what mattered to us. Here, that guy with a cool surname runs next. He calls on brave leaders to liberate us. Marcus van Geyzel is a corporate/commercial solicitor in Kuala Lumpur. He is a media junkie, and voraciously consumes media thanks to the magic of RSS and Twitter (@vangeyzel). His interests are varied, but has a penchant for debates about culture, politics, football and the idiosyncrasies of human interaction. A certified bibliophile, he buys books faster than he can read them. He regularly contributes to The Edge Malaysia, and his more recent published articles are archived at marcusvangeyzel. After being shown the light by Lord Bobo, this is his first contribution to LoyarBurok, and will hopefully be the first of many. He’d love to hear your comments.