So many things have happened in the last few days; yet again I’ve been mind-controlled by the spirit of His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo Barnabus (HSE) to write about the Kajang by-election.

Let’s start with the most not-so-cool story starring Ridhuan Tee who is an infamous Islamic-Malay scholar in Malaysia. He has been giving his comments on everything – Anwar going to a Kajang church to talk about his manifesto and about the Chinese asking for more development. It appears Tee is against Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for wasting the rakyat’s money on the by-election.

Few days later, he asked the Chinese in Kajang not to demand anything from the government. He asked Barisan Nasional (BN) to pick a Malay-Muslim as its candidate because he does not want the Chinese to keep trampling on the Malays. BN did not listen and has now fielded Chew Mei Fun to appeal to the Chinese voters. Lord Bobo’s vision transcended upon me in my sleep, and I recite it here: ‘Too bad Ridhuan can’t see that BN does not want him on its side’. Being a kind Lord, HSE instructed a minion to supply aloe vera lotion to Ridhuan for him to gently apply it.

Next, another infamous character, Anwar Ibrahim had his acquittal reversed. The Court of Appeal convicted him on his second sodomy charge. It held that there was no tampering of evidence. Although there was DNA of an unknown third person, it did not matter. With this conviction, Anwar is disqualified from the Kajang contest. HSE knew Anwar could never have beaten the Lord in an open contest but HSE is upset that Anwar did not really have a fair trial. Again, free love and purple bananas from the kind Lord. *winks*

A former Minister, Zaid Ibrahim said he loved his wife and therefore he was contesting. Like Romeo and Juliet he wanted to give a gift to his wife. He has openly criticised Anwar and PR to show that he deserves the seat. The plan fell through however as he withdrew from the race when he heard Anwar was not going to contest. Perhaps because Zaid thought that in fact he would not stand a chance against HSE. The Incredible Hulk shivers in sight of Lord Bobo *trembles*

With the protagonists and antagonists falling over each other, the story needed a heroine to save the day. Kind-hearted and soft Wan Azizah is replacing her husband. Now, she is a credible challenge to Lord Bobo because she will win the sympathy votes especially from the neutrals.

One question yet remains unanswered – can she bring real change craved by the Kajang people? She certainly is a lover but can she transform herself into a full fighting machine when required to do so. For Lord Bobo, HSE commands, among others, the Avengers and no one will be brace enough to commit wrong under HSE’s his reign.

Still not many can accurately predict the Kajang result. But one thing is sure – Lord Bobo will fight for the Kajang people once HSE is voted in. HSE will fight for justice and fairness, kindness and courtesy, and will help the poor and needy and stop the vicious name-calling over religion and race. The Lord still fights for a free and fair electoral system in Malaysia and through #SekolahAktivisme campaigns to stop and reverse the effects of gerrymandering. A new campaign will be launched on 29 March 2014 and you should not partially, but totally check it out!

Lord Bobo has a clear vision on taking Malaysia forward and that vision can only happen with you putting into the mix many purple bananas and your votes by action!

Yes, minions, in an alternate reality Lord Bobo will be running in (and winning) the Kajang elections! Heed his call to banish gerrymandering by visiting You know resistance is futile.

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