Ho Kit Yen has some advice for those of us still in New Year mode.

“My resolutions for 2014 are;

  1. Secure a dream job!
  2. Buy my favourite bag!
  3. Lose weight (so I can fit into the mini dress!).
  4. Travel with ‘besties’!
  5. Fall in love with a dream man!”

These are some typical New Year resolutions I hear all the time, and repeatedly.

One word: Boring!

I never set targets for myself. The reason being that I would not follow them, and also because you cannot foresee any unpredictable circumstances that might disrupt your planning.

If you have plans for the year, you would act according to it. That was how Robert Merton’s ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ explains it. You have a concept about the scenario (in this case, the New Year’s resolution), therefore your behaviours and decisions are made according to your perceived concept. A ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is powerful in realising the most impossible dreams.

In short, ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is a strong psychological technique to encourage one in succeeding.

Yes. What you decide as your resolutions, you will eventually strive to accomplish.

However, things in life don’t (always) go according to plan, right?

Unexpected occurrence will get in your way, thus disrupting your plan. Like it for not, these impromptu events tend to mess up whatever has been pre-planned.

Forget about New Year’s resolutions.

In fact, there should not be rules telling you how you should behave for a year. Being too insistent or stubborn is not good. When plans go awry, you get unwanted stress.

Just enjoy the blessings in your life.

Live a life, according to you. Yes. You. Why should you be restrained by all these rules? You are supposed to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Be open to ideas. Because there are no restrictions in you, you will think differently and be receptive towards any suggestions.

Go with the flow. Whatever life gets you into, be it good or bad, learn and accept to deal with it. What makes a man is that he is able to bounce back from the darkest moments of his life. Remember, you revolve around the world.

Love. Get in touch with the sentimental side of yourself. Love who and what you are. Love and appreciate those around you.

Your dream job, your favourite bag, getting a fit body, travelling, and falling in love – yes, they are achievable goals.
But do you really enjoy the process to achieving them if you are being too restricted by your plan?

Enjoy 2014 the best you can!


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