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Submit Your Photos: A Beautiful Malaysia!

Credit: Jeshua Choong

For the past few days, we have seen nothing but news of death and terror splayed on the front pages of our newspapers.

And when our news does not feature loss of life, they instead feature news of public indignation as one by one, citizens are hauled for questioning for the simple act of putting up videos on YouTube.

From dog trainers to sex bloggers and rebel rappers, it only serves to further depress us as we see how our country is tumbling down the slippery slope of intolerance.

It also does nothing but fuel our pessimism, causing us to lose hope for the country we grew up in, with only annoying echoes of friends who have left: “I told you so,” they say. was created to combat that spirit, to allow us the opportunity to detoxify ourselves of all the negativity and hatred that has perpetuated our media in recent days. It was created so we could head there, take a few moments to sigh and appreciate how beautiful our country truly is.

Submit your photos: Of people, of places, of moments, to, and help to brighten another Malaysian’s day!

Rebecca Choong

Rebecca Choong is a first year undergraduate in University College London studying Economics and Business with East European Studies. She sees herself as a relatively average, fun-loving student who has faith in a better Malaysia. She tweets @becca_csw.

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