Perspective (n): A view or outlook involving the relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole.

In essence, this is generally what we Malaysians are severely lacking at the moment. The 13th General Elections are nigh upon us and Malaysia has witnessed political grime cover every nook and cranny of its fourteen states. You would be hard pressed to find fault with any exasperated citizen who, simply put, has had enough of politics and truth be told, who could blame them when every waking hour we are only served naught but tales of slander, dirty politics, corruption and of course the never ending sex videos?

The current disposition of the layman is fixated upon layers of problems and not least how to provide for their families as well as escalating costs of living. Perhaps with that in mind, it is conceivable to think that this could all be a ploy in a grander scheme of things to distract us from the actual root of the problem that we, the people, and not the politicians are the glue that holds it all together and that we, the people, are the ones currently suffering without due necessity.

It has been widely acknowledged throughout the centuries that the art of politics can have varying winners but the consistent losers have and will always be the working class people. As such, I refuse to be drawn into the rhetoric of the blame game for this article is not intended to be used as a bashing piece of the incumbent regime and neither is it another crowing piece in support of the opposition. You may then argue with me using the diagrams, videos and speeches of many politicians and their aides as to how the economy is going to collapse, that the country is going to run out of petrol and natural resources and that we are facing an imminent water crisis. The fact of the matter is – we are not living in a hell hole, we are not going to wake up tomorrow to find the country in tatters and we certainly are not going to become the ‘Greece of Asia’ next week.

Yes, things are not looking good for us at the moment but here’s the thing, this is exactly the aura that was intended to be created – for fear generates impulsive decisions and fear provokes us to move out of our comfort zone and search for change. However, progress for progress’ sake is relatively worthless if we remain a reactive society instead of a proactive one and in that haste for change, this country and its people have forgotten that the problems being portrayed are not in fact earth-shattering but can be solved with a few good men who advocate the collective interests of the people and country before their personal goals.

The point I would like to make here can be depicted articulately following yesterday’s announcement that the families of the eight policemen who died defending Lahat Datu, Sabah were each given RM10,000 as compensation for the services rendered by their loved ones. Of course while both factions point fingers and accuse each other of conspiracy and political fraud, has anyone stopped just for a moment to think that the death of eight Malaysians could have been avoided altogether? Or that someday in the future, a child will have to grow up without a father, a mother without her son – all because of the game that is politics and the lust for power?

The adage “if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail” succinctly depicts our current quandary. The issue at hand is that we are now being falsely led to believe that the situation is far worse than it actually is, when in reality, all that was needed was a little perspective. Where once we were clear in our beliefs and stood firm in the face of doubt and adversity, we now falter under the blanket of politics, unsure and afraid for nothing is as it seems. However, the time has come to ask ourselves this: what are we fighting for, truly? Are we merely flocks of sheep being shepherded or do we have a conviction we would be willing to lay our lives down for?

That the backbone of humanity has been founded upon civilizations having their backs to the wall is no coincidence. As humans we have continued to disprove odds and succeed every time the road takes a turn for the worse. Allow me then to expressly state that this great nation is not and will never be just about Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak or Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. It is thus time to insert a little context into the fickle muddle that is politics and perhaps view things with a little perspective, for what truly gives Malaysia her strength and what will time and again give her wings to rise above any and all problems will always be the twenty-eight million people who pledged “negaraku, tanah tumpah-nya darahku”.

The writer is a born and bred Malaysian currently pursuing his LLB (Hons), a diehard Liverpool FC fan and passes his time interpreting the subtle nuances of the many voices of the planet while sipping...