MAPPING SOCIAL TERRAIN – through a series of lectures, workshops and masterclasses – is a platform by MAP for the exploration of the multitude of perspectives and ‘truths’ that can perhaps help us in constructing our own tools to navigate and negotiate our social terrain. This time round, MAP brings to you ‘Future of Food: Feeding 7 Billion People’.

“FUTURE OF FOOD: Feeding 7 Billion People”

A talk by

Chris Lein:: CEO and Founder of The United Growers Company
Meng Yee:: President, Global Nursery Operations, UCG

The Square, Publika | 18 October 2012 | 8pm | Free Admission

Chris founded the United Growers Company (UGC) to develop and build the right platform for meeting the massive feedstock requirements and achieving commercial levels of safe and healthy food. In this lecture, they will speak about the immediate need for food to feed our world of 7 billion people – a population estimated to grow to 9 billion in sixty years. They will cover the challenges presented, viable business solutions and the importance of nurturing, at the same time, a culture and mindset to innovate and redesign agriculture operations to meet this century’s demands. They will also debunk myths on agriculture and sustainability that we have come to perceive as fact from the media. Get into the conversation on cultivating a mindset of what city dwellers can do to change and impact the design of modern agriculture and help feed 7 billion.

Organised by:
450 Movement
MAP @ Publika

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