#Infographic: Is PEMANDU Even Listening?

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In the infographic below, the REFSA collective provides succinct points of recommendations that PEMANDU may not have accidentally overlooked.

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For a clearer picture, you may refer to these related articles and documents:

[1] “A Critique of the ETP (Part 2): We would not really be twice as rich in 2020”. Available at http://refsa.org/focus-papers/a-critique-of-the-etp-part-2-we-would-not-really-be-twice-as-rich-in-2020/. Retrieved 6 June 2012.

[2] “A Critique of the ETP (Part 3i): PEMANDU strengthens the know-who cancer”. Available at http://refsa.org/focus-papers/a-critique-of-the-etp-part-3-execution-i-pemandu-strengthens-the-know-who-cancer/ Retrieved 6 June 2012.

[3] “A Critique of the ETP (Part 3iii): Doubtful EPPs; doubtful achievements and due diligence”. Available at http://refsa.org/focus-papers/a-critique-of-the-etp-part-3-iii-doubtful-epps-doubtful-achievements-and-due-diligence/ Retrieved 6 June 2012.

[4] Dissecting the ETP Annual Report (Part 2): The mystery of the disappearing EPPs”. Available at http://refsa.org/focus-papers/dissecting-the-etp-annual-report-part-2-the-mystery-of-the-disappearing-epps/ Retrieved 8 June 2012.

[5] “A Critique of the ETP (Part 6): Socio-economic impact – The ETP will make the rich even richer”. Available at http://refsa.org/focus-papers/a-critique-of-the-etp-part-6-socio-economic-impact-the-etp-will-make-the-rich-even-richer/ Retrieved 6 June 2012.

[6] “Focus, Focus, Focus”. Available at http://etpblog.pemandu.gov.my/posts/2012/05/25/focus-focus-focus/ Retrieved 12 June 2012.

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[8] ETP Handbook Chapter 1-4 (p. 79). Available at http://etp.pemandu.gov.my/upload/etp_handbook_chapter_1-4_economic_model.pdf Retrieved 13 June 2012.

PEMANDU’s quotes above are taken from The Malaysian Insider articles:


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