Leading to the release of REFSA’s dissection of the ETP’s Annual Report on June 1st, we present you “Questions Unanswered” – a 3-part infographic series to rebut PEMANDU’s replies.

Trumpets blared for PEMANDU once again when it proclaimed the Economic Transformation Programmme (ETP) Annual Report for 2011. While the ETP is touted as making great headway in transformation, REFSA goes behind the fanfare and continues our evaluation of PEMANDU’s DEEDS.

Watch out for our brand new series Dissecting the ETP Annual Report, to be released in parts from 1st June 2012. Here’s a spoiler: PEMANDU gets an A+ from REFSA. What for? Stay tuned to find out!


In the meantime, let’s warm up with a 3-part infographic series to rebut PEMANDU’s responses to our Critique of the ETP Series. We questioned if the Karambunai Integrated Resort is a ‘dud’ Entry Point Project in our Focus Paper A Critique of the ETP Part 3 (iii): Doubtful EPPs; doubtful achievements and due diligence. While we appreciate PEMANDU’s response, we find the answers unsatisfactory. Our rebuttal:

[Click here for an enlarged PDF version]

Click here for our detailed analysis on the ETP.

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