Integrating visuals and creativity into the fight against corruption, #pangkahrasuah is a poster contribution drive led by Sufri Safuan @ssafuan.

E-mail your poster to [email protected].

The drive begins 9th April 2012 and ends 15th April 2012.

Bold and daring. Aspires to change the world and get herself noticed with what she does best. Design.

One reply on “Take Control, Don’t Be Lured”

  1. Dude reaching out to the carrot has a strong semblance to disgraced Presidential candidate – former Governor of North Carolina, John Edwards. Sheer coincidence I guess !

    And talk of the "C" word in M'sia – the all encompassing dreaded word inflicts not only majority of office bearers, the many monkeys of UMNO/BN but also members of royalty. Just one generation ago, such conduct wouldn't be a forethought but today, exception is an anomaly. And when talk of corruption was posed to ex-premier Dollar Badawi days before last mandate, his terse response was – "terpulanglah kepada rakyat" (best decided by voting public) – an alarming answer to a question that signals total collapse with law and order in M'sia, no ???

    ABU folks, not Ali or Ah Kow but A-B-U, the collective action necessary to steer this country to the path of righteousness. Cheers all and a good weekend.

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