Hey UndiMsia!, LoyarBurokkers, MyConsti dan lain-lain.
This one’s for you:

Our public transportation system is a cause for constant griping and cussing. And in order for improvements to be made, we need your help.

We need your views and opinions to shape the future of our transportation system. Lay out your views and gain effective impact, while highlighting specific areas on which improvements can be made.

UndiMsia! is kick-starting a series of debates, focusing on the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) in our Government Transformation Programme (GTP). Through healthy discussions, we hope to generate an awareness of the transportation predicament and present ideas towards solving it.

The first motion will be – Urban Public Transportation: Should it be privatized or government owned?

The moderator on the day will present an overview talk, and commentary will be given by an NKRA representative from PEMANDU at the end of the debate. The floor will also be given ample room to make comments and voice concerns. Let your voices be heard!

This signals the start of a debate series on the NKRAs by UM! Come be part of the audience and an advocate of positive change for our country.


Date: 24th March 2012
Time: 1.30pm
Location: Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok

Come one, come all!

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