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If PEMANDU indeed delivers on its ETP goals, entrepreneurs and capitalists will be the big winners. Wage-earners will get only 21% of the additional RM800 million gross national income (GNI) the ETP promises to create. This is less than the 28% share they get today, and will take us even further away from the 50% norm in high-income countries.

We believe corporations are entitled to profits, but a sustainable high-income nation needs a vibrant middle-class to sustain private consumption. The ETP fares poorly here. The small share to wage-earners will be unevenly distributed – the top 15% of employees will take 40% of all wages. Conversely, at the bottom end, the ETP will need at least another 2 million low-paid foreign workers, which will double the number we have today.

It’s the bosses who will be the big winners under the ETP.

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