The LoyarBurok and UndiMsia gang are going down to Hulu Langat this weekend (17 & 18 March 2012) to help the flood victims there. (News article here)

  1. Mobilise 40-50 people this Sunday, 18.03.12, 9am to Batu 17, Pekan Hulu Langat

    A local hall is turned into a relief centre.
  2. Bring toolbox including gloves to help gotong-royong – fixing and cleaning houses and dewans
  3. Bring dry food – sardines, breads, biscuits, mineral water
  4. Donate money towards the cause if you can’t do the above

This is a request from Azlan, our local contact in Hulu Langat. He reported that aid is slow and those who are affected are overwhelmed and exhausted without energy to fix and clean their houses. There are community halls that are still left uncleaned.

The people of Hulu Langat has shown us great hospitality and kindness whenever we’re there. When there’s call for help, let’s try to do what we can and I think with the number of people in the e-groups, we can provide human labour.

The mud was up to this man's waist.

Last weekend, a small team of UndiMsia members and I went down to Hulu Langat to take a look at the hall we will be using for our Pertandingan Dan Pameran Fotografik. I was shocked to see the number of residents affected by the flood. The hall we are to use for our event was turned into a relief centre. People lined up to receive aid. In the middle of the hall were packets of food, bottled water and donated clothes. Victims were welcomed to take as many pieces of clothing as they needed.

I approached a man and his wife. They squatted in front of a large pile of clothes, choosing what they needed for their two small children.

“Rumah you kena banjir?” I asked. “Teruk ke?”

He stood up and put his hand to his waist. “Lumpur naik sampai sini!”

I saw another man choosing clothes at another pile of clothes. He was holding a baju kurung. I went over to him and jokingly said, “Bang, I ingat baju ni salah size untuk you la!”

“Bukan untuk aku ler,” he replied. “Ini untuk orang yang tinggal kat rumah aku.” He explained that his house was not affected by the flood but he was housing two families whose homes were washed away by the flood; one family lived inside the house while the other was camping in his garden.

Nany and Sze Ming are heading this. Email them ([email protected] and [email protected]) or find them on Twitter (@Nany_JHaron and @szeming87). Join them for an hour or two to help the victims at Hulu Langat this weekend. Do it!

This little girl needs some hope. She only needs an hour of your time to help her at Hulu Langat.

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