Waiting and waiting. Yes, I was waiting to read the local newspaper which carried the report of Google speaks Esperanto as other papers in the world, I was getting a null.

Nothing surprise for me.

It is my duty to write for Loyarburok, the only ‘expert’ in Esperanto in the Malaysia mediaImage from Facebook.

With Google listed Esperanto in its translator, I think those who doubted and criticised Esperanto will soon make another round of verbal war for this decision of Google. Let them be.

The introduction of Esperanto as the 64th language in the Google translator showed that Esperanto is
one of the major languages in the world besides its high accuracy in translating has the research scientist of Google Brants described:

The Google Translate team was actually surprised about the high quality of machine translation
for Esperanto. As we know from many experiments, more training data (which in our case
means more existing translations) tends to yield better translations. For Esperanto, the number
of existing translations is comparatively small. German or Spanish, for example, have more
than 100 times the data; other languages on which we focus our research efforts have similar
amounts of data as Esperanto but don’t achieve comparable quality yet. Esperanto was
constructed such that it is easy to learn for humans, and this seems to help automatic translation
as well.

In fact, many blog companies have set up Esperanto pages for the Esperantists long time ago. The Facebook too has the Esperanto version.

The computer prgrammers should consider to test out using Esperanto to write programmes.

With more Chinese learning Esperanto, as a wise reader, you should know what would be the world major language.  Certainly, Esperanto is nothing new to Chinese. It has been more than a century in China and Esperanto is listed as a foreign language in the universities.

After watching the 8 minutes short film of the late Dr Claude Piron on the chanllenge of language, Sinjoro ENG has himself revolutionised. Watch it and see whether the short film will touch you too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU