Acceding to a frequently-received request to republish old posts from the blawg archives, Lord Bobo’s loyal blawg minions are introducing a new column: #bananalama!

Whenever prompted by His Supreme Eminenceness, the blawg minions will run their collective steely gazes over the posts that have been published on this most awesome blawg (almost 2,000 okay, that’s a whole lotta gazin’) and pluck them out of the archives (stored on a high-tech intergalactic backup server just behind Uranus, well beyond the legal jurisdiction of any man-made law).

What are the criteria for how these posts are selected? Well, they could be posts that relate to a current topic. Or, they could be posts that sparked a particularly heated debate. Perhaps, they could be posts that were so inspired that Lord Bobo feels that we should all bask in its brilliance all over again.

One thing we do know for sure, there will not be any posts that are chosen for the same reason as this first #bananalama post. The first #bananalama post dates back to 28 February 2006, and was written by a famous, or infamous, but definitely much-loved LoyarBurokker, Fahri Azzat (also known as Pharee Azzate in rapper circles). The reason it was selected? It is the first ever LoyarBurok post.

Fahri, meditating. Because somebody's gotta do it.

Deemed as “a meditation about this notion that you need a post in some organization and hence a platform from which to air your views”, this #bananalama piece of blawg history bears all the hallmarks of classic Fahri musings (completely sober, of course).

We will let the post itself do the rest of the talking, all the way to Fahri’s conclusion that “the true scaffolding of our message and words are its fidelity to the truth and reality”. Click through, and fall in love all over again.

The Perceived Need for a Platform

by Fahri Azzat, 28 February 2006

If you have any suggestions for posts that should be revived and re-loved as part of #bananalama, please leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email [email protected].

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