It’s (almost) the start of a brand new year! Now instead of expecting something drastically different and turbulent in the fashion atmosphere with the dawning of 2012, let’s keep things real. Contrary to popular belief, whilst fashion trending is always moving — with the constant release of collections from top designers whether for Summer/Spring or Autumn/Winter or in-betweens, fashion is an evolution. Not a revolution. There’ll always be remnants of the previous collection reflected in whatever season we’re in right now.

Are you ready for 2012? | Guardian UK

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s take a look at what Summer/Spring 2012 has to offer. ;D

Jetsetting from New York to London, and Milan to Paris — it’s indeed a magical, colourful, creative and enviable journey for the fashionista. Full steam ahead! Here’s what designers are telling us.

1) Prints
Still a fervent favourite — there’s simply something about whimsical prints that designers love having around. ;) This season, we’ve got ’em in delicate yet sexy paisley, blooming florals, printed zoology of both land and aquatic animals, and even automobiles! Easy enough to be worn for females: a retro printed dress for weekends, or a subtle pussybow blouse with minimal prints worn with a power blazer to bulldoze your way through the week. The males could opt out of this of course, you’ve got more awesome styles coming your way. Alternatively, a quirky print tie certainly adds a dash of charming cheekiness. ;p

[ L – R : Matthew Williamson ; Erdem] | Vogue UK

[ L – R : Victoria by Victoria Beckham ; Prada ] | Vogue UK

2) Pyjama Party
Well really, I don’t mean an actual pyjama party — just wide, loose and comfy bottoms! This doesn’t mean you can’t wear your usuals though, it’s just an alternative to slim fits and skin-tight cigarette skinnies. ;) A big hit during Fall/Winter ’11, our fixation with voluminous maxi skirts and palazzo pants continues. And yes, that includes the men as well. ;) Think relaxed tailored fits — not too tight around the thighs, and drop crotch is back in. Generally oversized in nature BUT keep in mind, always tailored with a slight structure! Not let-it-all-hang-loose.

[ L – R : Hermes ; Richard Nicoll ] | Vogue UK

[ Lanvin ] | Vogue UK

3) Pastels and Whites
Whilst the 60’s mod colourblock trend from Autumn/Winter 2011 still bears fresh in our minds, Spring/Summer 2012 trickles in with a bit of a sugary aftertaste. ;) Sort of a fairytale midsummer’s night dream amongst all ’em bright and bold hues. For the females, time to done down that dominatrix side and exude a chic-demure persona. Take full advantage of candy tones of baby pink and bubblegum blues, and lilac and cream to perfect a cheeky-sweet balance. And for the men, crisp white never looked better. ;)

[ L – R : Louis Vuitton ; Chanel ] | Vogue UK

[ L – R : 3.1 Philip Lim ; Lacoste ] | Vogue UK

There are of course more to Summer/Spring 2012 than just these — but for now, it’ll do. Sufficient knowledge to kick-start the new year for what’s to come. Enjoy!

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