Missed REFSA’s talk “Affirmative Action: The Malaysian and South African regimes compared and contrasted?” at Pusat Rakyat LB? Here are the slides to quench your learning thirst!

There is a name for the preferential treatment accorded to bumiputeras in Malaysia:

Affirmative Action

Malaysia and South Africa are unique in being the only two countries in the world where affirmative action policies are positioned to favour the politically dominant but economically disadvantaged majority race group.

The AA frameworks are, however, very different, being born out of contrasting political and economic realities. There has been very little, if any research on both countries as mutually informing experiences. Predominantly, Malaysia is used as a reference point for South Africa. Conversely, there is no reference to South Africa in any literature focusing on affirmative action in Malaysia.

To educate the public on the contrasting South African approach and experience, REFSA had invited Dr Lee Hwok Aun of University Malaya to share the results of his extensive analysis at Pusat Rakyat LB , Bangsar on 23 Nov 2011.

Click here for the full slides to Dr Lee’s talk.


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