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One particularly vulnerable group in our society, often neglected and almost always relegated to the background. It’s time for us to take notice and take action.

Those eyes. | Photo by Elise Wong @ LoyarBurok

This is a picture of a puppy I took, standing in a drain. Her mother gave birth to a litter which slowly disappeared one by one. Three were left and this puppy was one of them. I wish I could help, but as I already had a dog of my own and if I reported it to the MBPJ, chances of them being euthanized would be more likely. And besides, the mother of the pups was already caring for them. The lot were always together and I wouldn’t have wanted to break them up.

6 to 8 million cats and dogs worldwide enter shelters annually. An estimated 86% of dogs around the world get euthanized each year. A large percentage of dogs and cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

Most pet store puppies (and 80 percent of the American Kennel Club’s business) come from puppy mills – mass-breeding operations in which ill and suffering dogs are kept in deplorable conditions. They breed between 2 and 4 million puppies each year.

In the year 2000, approximately 7,600 greyhound puppies deemed unfit for racing were killed, as were an estimated 11,400 “retired” dogs. Retired greyhounds, who suffer greatly as racers, may also be sold to research labs or used for breeding.

Some fur trims and clothes labeled as fake or as from another animal are actually made from dog and cat fur exported by China, where more than 2 million dogs and cats per year killed for fur suffer unspeakable cruelties, including sometimes the documented horror of being skinned alive.

So please bring a dog or cat home. Feed it, play with it, nurture it and most importantly, love it. They are such sweet creatures.

People usually go to shelters in hopes of bringing home a puppy and not an adult dog. If this decision is made with regard to the saying ‘old dogs can’t learn new tricks’, they are wrong. One has to have a shared experience with his or her dog to understand this.

Cesar is a Dog Whisperer and according to him, sorry to say, we’re doing it all wrong! Seriously. They have primal pack instincts, and we treat them like humans. They then feel unbalanced and rebel against us. If we become their pack leader, they’ll be attentive to whatever you want them to do. Dogs need to have a pack leader or else its akin to asking them to not be dogs, so do become a pack leader. Watch Cesar Millan on National Geographic from 10pm-12am on Wednesday nights.

Please sign a petition to stop animal abuse and pledge to stop shopping from pet stores as they promote puppy mills!
And lastly, do join us in a petition against puppy mills!

Signing petitions may not help much to save these animals but in doing this, we give a voice to the silent victims, victims that don’t deserve being treated this way. They’re living beings – just like us.

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