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O Candle of the World,

your light was absent from our circle last night.

Tell me the truth:

Where was the light of your cheek?


Look at my heart.

It has been destroyed by the desire

to see your face.

May you live

long and longer!


All last night until early dawn

I paced back and forth, crying.

Morning came, and still

my eyes were open.


You are the shadow of divine light.

We are your shadow in this world.

Who has ever seen a shadow

separated from the light?


Sometimes the shadow stays

next to the light.

Sometimes it disappears into the light.

If it is next to the light,

light and shadow are equal to each other.


When it disappears, it merges

and unites with the  light.


When it realizes it’s disappearing,

the shadow grabs the light tightly

with the hand of desire.

In order to have God’s radiance,

this desire takes him to God.


The story of the union and separation

of light and shadow never ends.


Light is the creator of every reason

that exist in his shadows.

God made ”no reason” as the ultimate reason for everything.