what do you want?

A new much-needed online initiative. Please spread on wdyw? as a note on your Facebook page and your blogs, and tag your friends with it. Make this statement your own!

what do you want?

Many of us have a bone to pick with the powers that be. High petrol prices, exorbitant excise duties on cigarettes, and the need for free and fair elections, among others.

The rakyat’s righteous indignation – generated by fiery coffee shop talk and timeline after timeline of disgruntled tweets – eventually culminates in displays of dissent which include everything from mega Facebook groups protesting against 100-storey mega towers, to movements mobilising massive street demonstrations.

But what do we do when the dust has settled and we are left battered, bruised, and still befuddled despite all that has transpired? Even if we take to the streets, even if we raise our voices and our hands in demand for all that we deserve – is it enough to create concrete change in the country?

What Do You Want? believes that there is no quick and easy way towards producing the change we want to see. Everything happening in the here and now is the ever-evolving result of a long drawn process – a complex combination of policies, laws, and societal norms, among others. We believe that the first step in changing and bettering said process – thus creating better end results – is  to understand it from a legal, cultural, and factual point of view.

Thus, wdyw? addresses the issues Malaysians are most invested in: education, governance, economy, and society. wdyw? provides an informed understanding on the ‘who, what, when, where, why and how’ of our current realities to answer your pertinent and pressing questions.

But wdyw? doesn’t lay claim to having all the answers – that comes from tagging, sharing, and discussing the content on your social networks: after all, great minds question the answers they are given, so that they may answer even more questions.

Here’s how you can help: think about what you want, critique our answers, and add to the discussion. Then, send this out to your friends, your family, people you know who need questions answered. Share this on your networks. Tag your friends on Facebook, retweet a link or two. Whether you agree or disagree with our answers – talk about it.

Because the old saying that there are too many questions and not enough answers should no longer be true in this day and age of shared information.

When more of us start to ask ourselves what we want, and strive to understand the reasons behind our current predicaments, we can begin to piece the answers together and pave the way to clear solutions.

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