The final two candidates for Come UndiMsia! are: Fahmi Fadzil & Ammar Khairi!


An honourable member of the Five Arts Centre, Fahmi is a principal coordinator for the Projek Wayang experimentation group and helps run Bright Lights At Midnight, a graphic design and multimedia studio. He also anchors The Fairly Current Show on PopTeeVee (7-minute web talk show that focuses on current issues in Malaysia). Fahmi has performed in numerous award-winning theatre productions, including ‘Second Link’ and ‘Dua, Tiga Dalang Berlari’ and was the recipient of the Most Promising Artist Award at the 2006 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. Fahmi writes on youth, culture and arts in various newspapers, magazines and online publications and is an active member of the Twitter community. Recently made headlines with his 100-tweet apology to media giant Blu Inc., following a low-cost resolution for the alleged defamation of Female Magazine. Follow Fahmi on Twitter @fahmi_fadzil.

Driven by a hundreds of dreams, Ammar seems impervious to any mortal, racial status or any other forms of prejudice that pulverizes the wall of egalitarianism. His involvement in MyConsti campaign is set to awaken the masses to the imminent call of what a democracy really is. A Public Relations Officer in one of the “big boys” of Malaysian mainstream media, Ammar sees himself tiptoeing the thin line between reality and hypocrisy. This dirt is his Malaysia, and he will forever stand and taunt fiercely on its grounds, evident by his secretarial role in the NGO, Al-Ikhsan, vowing to protect the rights of those who call this soil home. Ammar believes in a country that’s “colour-blind”, with sovereignty in the air and the warmth of its people to be loved and not feared, to be referred and not revered. All hands on one vote: a fulfilling democracy that favours dreams and great leadership to its avail.

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Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) is a non-profit based in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of promoting active democratic participation and human rights awareness.