And today, the latest addition to the list of candidates for Come UndiMsia! are Karmal and Azmyl Yunor!


Born and raised in KL, Karmal is here to prove that he’s not just another rapper in the music scene, but also as an inspiring artist. With his lyrics, ideas and concepts in the tracks he does, there is no time to sleep on this new artist. His EP ‘Bangkit’, released in May 2011, is sizzling the local airwaves. Working closely with The Movemint and SonaOne from Kartel Records, you can be sure that Karmal is here to raise the bar higher for Malaysian music. Karmal tweets @itskarmal. Some say the only way you can judge a civilization is by its art, and some are right! Vote Karmal and put some music in the madness.

No other wild-haired journeyman has been busy as a gig organizer, juggling duties on top of his singer-songwriter folker mode, gigging tirelessly year after year without fail since returning home from a sojourn as a busker Down Under. Having played everywhere from street corners to main stages, alone or with various bands for the past 10 years (Furniture, Maharajah Commission, Ben’s Bitches and Thunder Coffee Club amongst other) His witty onstage banter, busker instincts and gung-ho let’s-do-it! attitude complements the down home music he makes and colours the weary characters that populate his songs. If you like your Bob Dylan with some sambal or your Johnny Cash with tempoyak, or a tanned Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, he’s your man! Azmyl tweets @azmyl.

We will keep you posted via the UndiMsia! Facebook page. Stay tuned because two more candidates will be announced tomorrow!

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