Who’s next?

Deepa Nambiar and Gavin Yap are candidates for the Come UndiMsia! fundraising event.


Deepa sails the seven seas in life, love and other mysteries. Before commencing pupillage at Skrine, Deepa associated human rights to the dextrous group of right-handed people. However, upon joining the Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee during her pupillage, she was drawn to several causes, the most recent being the SAHABAT refugee mentoring programme. While she is not partying the night away, attempting to learn Spanish or breaking hearts in court, she spends time with Snoopy, her dog, and chills with family. She believes in a tastier democracy because the present version has passed its expiry date – it’s caused a stink, and it’s time we threw it out! WE LIKE!

Gavin was born in London, to English-Malaysian parents and brought up in Petaling Jaya and Penang. If you follow the theater scene, you’ll remember him from Wish I Was There, The Goldfish Tale and recently in Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me. Another one who is not content sitting still, Mr. Yap also works in voice-overs and animation with Imaginex Studios as well as running a weekly podcast of movies from McYapandFries.com with friend Iain McNally. Crikey!! Last but not least he loves to cook too and yeah tweets from @gavyap. A democracy by a multi-faceted, well informed individual, good looks too!

Head over to the UndiMsia! Facebook page for more info!

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