People have been glued to their seats waiting to find out who UndiMsia! will announce next as candidates for the Malaysia Day fundraiser Come Undimsia! Next up, we have Fuad from garage rock band Kyoto Protocol, and Malaysian hip hop’s rising star SonaOne!




Angsty and enigmatic, Fuad is the frontman of indie rockband Kyoto Protocol. When writing lyrics, Fuad always ensures there is a message, whether it may be about his own emancipation from self-pity, herd mentality, and sometimes it’s just about a girl. The band’s focus has always been about the music, not striving to be rock-stars. Promoting 4G Internet and the climate issue (NOT!), Fuad is conscious of the current situation and believes Malaysia is improving. In an interview with TimeOut KL magazine in 2009, it became known that a few of the band’s gigs were performed for charity, and they were in the works to sponsor the yearly education expenses for one child under an ‘adopt a kid’ programme organised by the Womens’ Aid Organisation. To find out about the kid, follow Fuad on Twitter @FuadKyoto

A recording artiste, graffiti artiste, composer and music producer all rolled into One, SonaOne born Mikael Adam Rafae rose to prominence when Malaysia’s very own Asian Hip Hop icon, Joe Flizzow spotted this young talent and immediately signed him to Kartel Records as his protégé in August 2009. From there, there was no turning back and even the beauty of his hometown, Kuantan could not lure him back. Sona released his debut album titled “Tuna Spaghetti” which clinched the MY Hip Hop 10 Best Album #1. As we await his next album, follow Sona on Facebook and his tweets @ItsSoneOne.


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