ALBstTouch and smell Lord Bobo’s goodness! (and, yeah, there’s some other stuff in the paper too)

Why stop at just getting your weekly fix of wit, sarcasm and fun from this god-damned blawg?

Lord Bobo friends and fiends can now get their fingers inky black as they read His Supreme Eminenceness’ words of wisdom from the Selangor Times while waiting for cases to be called at the Kuala Lumpur High Court! You can smell it. You can touch it. You can roll it up and smoke it.

Selangor Times, Lord Bobo’s preferred choice of weekend reading, is now available from Joshua’s Legal Art Gallery located in the dungeons of the esteemed High Court. Get it now!

PS: Yeah, there’s some other stuff in the paper too, but we all know the main reason people read it is for His Lordship’s weekly wisdom!

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