Date: 15th May 2011
Time: 5pm – 11pm (or come at 4 if you want to sumo wrestle more!)
Place: Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok (MAP) Address: 3-4, 4th Floor, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, Bangsar Utama, 59000 KL.
Facebook Page for more info.

The long-awaited photo exhibition + concert “Sending Love to Sendai” is just around the corner! Check out the amazing stuff happening on that day!


Colin Shafer’s photographs cover various parts of Japan, but the highlights of this collection are areas in Sendai that have been destroyed by the tsunami. The photos capture and immortalise the beauty of these areas. Ben Liew’s music photography captures the diverse indie music scene in Tokyo and the dedication shown by Japanese musicians. It provides brilliant insight into a specific section of Japanese society.  Faisal Ariff returned from Japan recently on the 17th of April. His stunning photos capture a resilient Japanese society, carrying on after the quake. Chitoo shares unique insights during his trip to Tokyo, and photojournalist Cheryl Hoffman captures little details of Japanese culture not to be missed.

At the exhibition, all these photos will be made available for sale and all proceeds from the sales will go to Japanese Red Cross Society.


The event will be emcee-d by the gorgeous Miss World Malaysia 2010 Nadia Heng.


Reza Salleh
Azmyl Yunor
The Rollin’ Sixers
Cats In Love
Ben’s Bitches
Special guest appearance by the excellent Tony Warren, the TOM JONES of Malaysia!

Sound professionals EHQ Projects are sponsoring the equipment and lighting for the event so you can be sure the sound quality will be awesome!


Sushi Tei, one of Asia’s top Japanese Fine Cuisine chains will be catering the event and all proceeds from food sales will go to Red Cross as well. There will also be drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for sale.


1) LUCKY DRAW – Purchase prints and stand a chance to win INCREDIBLE prizes! These include: cases of Asahi Beer (24cans), bottles of sake, JUSCO cash vouchers, dining vouchers, CDs, t-shirts, assorted unique LoyarBurok merchandise and loads more!

2) Postcard & Haiku writing – Volunteers will be at hand to help you write messages to tsunami victims in Japanese. We also have specially designed postcards for the occasion – you’ll love them!

3) Video messages – Japanese interpreters will translate your video messages to Japan. These videos will then be uploaded to YouTube (almost in real time!) and shared with everyone in the known and unknown universe(s)!

4) Video games – We have a range of consoles in our arcade (from vintage to state of the art), so come over and play some old school Super Mario, Donkey Kong, or have a go on the Xbox Kinect!

5) Origami & Japanese Caligraphy – Less strenuous, just as fun! Our savvy volunteers will be at hand to show you how it’s done!

7) Costumes – the Japan Foundation has graciously loaned us some cool Japanese traditional costumes, and these will be modeled by various hotties at the event! You can also take a photo with them against our special Japanese backdrop!

8) Sumo wrestling – get in one of our inflatable sumo suits and take down your opponent!

So come join us, and have fun while supporting a good cause! This event is brought to you exclusively and inclusively by JuneWow Events and supported by the ONLY bLAWg.

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