Froggie & LB Bunting

Attention everyone! We wish all of you a great end to 2010 and have a better year in 2011! Thank you for following, continually being **misled by this blawg and for all your support throughout the year – if we have been mean or offensive please forgive us.

Let us now take a minute to reflect on the year and renew our vows to continue fighting for the marginalised, oppressed, weak and those in need of a voice.

An update. LoyarBaca‘s first publication Perak: A State of Crisis has been a runaway hit and will soon be in Malaysia’s major bookstores through leading indie, activist distributor, Pak Chong’s GerakBudaya. We have sold out copies at hand for the moment (2nd impressions are on the way), but you may purchase them directly from GerakBudaya here. Great gifts you know… If you are bored however, check these photos out.

Selamat berjuang!

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