If you think we rule the world and that we’re so special with big brains, bigger ambitions and probably the biggest personalities, check out what these creatures can do.

The thorny devil lizard from Central Australia has an amazing feature that it’s born with. Only reaching the solid length of 20cm, and having to reside in the scorching deserts of Australia, it somehow needs to find enough water for its body. So what these little fellas have are feet with absorbing powers that allows it to absorb water from whatever surface it touches and during the odd occasion when it rains, capillary action allows it to absorb water from all over its body. Which I think is a pretty handy trait to have, especially when you’re thirsty.

Thorny Devil Lizard

From the same part of the world, residing more in the coastal areas of north Australia also lives the Taipan snake (Oxyuranus scutellatus). It can grow up to 3m in length, and one drop of its poison can easily kill a 6 footer. Imagine what it can do to an average sized human. In these kinds of environment food doesn’t come by easily. It’s not Jalan Alor on a Tuesday night. So, anything that decides to stroll by this snake, can be potentially taken out in one nibble.

Taipan Snake

As humans, being the most dominant species on this planet, next to mosquitoes, the way we’re built is almost the same as most mammals when talking about the placement of organs and what not. The only gift, if you want to call it a gift, is the complexity of our brains. I suppose you can say it’s the most vital part of our bodies. Having been given this gift, we have the ability to think a lot quicker and with more depth than other living things; although, sometimes our decisions and actions contradict that.

As time has proved, the more we “progress”, the more unaware we are of our insignificance in the world. What are we to the amazing redwood trees in California or the majestic blue whales in our oceans? Not a lot really if you think about it. So what gives us the right to log down a forest that’s been around for longer than our ancestors? I’m not even kidding those trees have been around for millions of years. I’m pretty shocked about it myself.

If creatures like those mentioned above have such amazing “super powers” and are put on this earth to survive, shouldn’t we do the same and not play Dr Evil to destroy our beautiful planet with one push of a button. I’m probably exaggerating, but that’s what it’s leading to slowly. If it means using our brains to create deadly and destructive substances to be used on others, then perhaps we should find another planet to do that. Just like a fight at a bar. If you’ve got issues with one another, take it outside.

Dr Evil

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