“Malay” = “Muslim” in the Federal Constitution?


Article 160 (“Interpretation”) of the Federal Constitution defines the term “Malay” in the following manner:

“Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and [is of Malaysian/Singaporean origin]*.

*I have paraphrased the words in square brackets for brevity, as they are not relevant to the discussion that follows.

As we can see, there are several conditions that must be met before someone meets the constitutional definition of a “Malay”. Now, we can best understand the effect of this definition by turning it into a logical statement:


X is a person who professes the religion of Islam
X habitually speaks the Malay language
X conforms to Malay custom
X is of Malaysian/Singaporean origin


X is a “Malay”

Because the conditions are cumulative (i.e., they must all be met), it would be equally true to say:


X is not a person who professes the religion of Islam
X does not habitually speaks the Malay language
X does not conform to Malay custom
X is not of Malaysian/Singaporean origin


X is not a “Malay”

Now imagine the 25-year-old son of a Malaysian Malay couple who is brought up in Tokyo, going to a Japanese school and speaking to his parents in English and Japanese. Is the son a Malay? In our everyday, racial understanding of the word “Malay”, most of us would say yes. But for the purposes of the Constitution, if the son does not “habitually [speak] the Malay language“, then he is by definition not a “Malay”.

Now imagine that the son speaks Malay, but does not conform to Malay custom (whatever that entails). Perhaps he wears his shoes indoors, has a Mohawk, eats with chopsticks and calls his parents by their first names. Is he a Malay? Again, if the son is judged not to “[conform] to Malay custom“, he is by definition not a “Malay”.

Finally, imagine that the son speaks Malay and conforms to Malay custom, but has converted to the Shinto religion, and does not follow any Islamic teachings. Is he a Malay? If he does not “[profess] the religion of Islam“, then he is by definition not a “Malay”.

Does it make sense to say that a Malay must be a Muslim? In a sense it does – but only in the sense that if a person ceases to be a Muslim then he ceases to be a Malay. This is because the question of whether or not a person is a “Malay” is a question of law, a matter of constitutional definition.

In contrast, whether or not a person “professes the religion of Islam” must be a question of fact, to be determined by a competent authority on the basis of factual evidence, just as the question of whether he “habitually speaks the Malay language” and “conforms to Malay custom” undoubtedly are.

It is surely obvious that if a person does not as a matter of fact profess the religion of Islam, if he does not in his heart believe in Allah and the Last Day, then no law in the world can make him do so simply by definition.

Andrew is a Penangite with plans for world domination. Having escaped from a (metaphorical) dungeon where he was kept for five years by his enemies in the City of London, he is now finishing an LLM in human rights and constitutional law at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He intends to crush all who stand in his way (but in a nice, human-rights-compliant manner).

Andrew (@drewyong) is an afficionado of the poetry of Dr Seuss and the music of the Muppet Show. In his spare time he seeks to take over the world.

39 replies on “Myth of the Constitution: “A Malay is automatically a Muslim””

  1. Religion is religion, no matter what. Of course in racist malaysia, our History books tell us that we have 2 different types of religion – agama wahy uand agama bukan wahyu (abrahamic faiths and non-abrahamic faiths).
    buddhism, hinduism, sikhism etc all fall within the non-abrahamic religions. they are still religions as Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. So to those super sensitive Malays, learn to accept and respect other people's religions first before you guys can pass judgment on all the followers of the so called ajaran sesat!
    Does Islam really preach you Malays that other people of other faiths are worthless? Why is Islam promoting racism and this mentality that Muslims are above all?

  2. remember what apostles mean: In the case of the Christian apostles, the message they were sent away to convey was the message of the "good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ", and they were sent by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to the Jews.

    i'm so happy you've found jesus retwarp .
    i'll testify about you in church . AMEN

  3. Why in the world would someone that doesnt believe in Islam what more not a malay have questions over what Malay should be and Islam should and hiding behind Contitutions and Logic? To legitimate something? Perhaps, Atheist Malay frens? Apostles?

    Are you guys threathen by Islam? Or by Malays? Which one?

    By logic, if you cant see it, then it is not exist at that time at that place.

    Therefor, i cannot see ur brain, so u have no brain.

    Logic is not it?

    P/s: mind explaining soul with ur logic plz?

    1. 'To legitimate something? Perhaps, Atheist Malay frens? Apostles?'
      lol, retwarp, now you're just accusing andrew of attempting to legitimate 'apostles' with his logic. you're such a christian, JESUS BLESS YOU :)
      in jesus name

  4. Conman, et al.: The bit I paraphrased was as "is of Malaysian/Singaporean origin" actually reads

    "(a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or

    "(b) is the issue of such a person;

    In reality this requirement is nowadays rarely significant, because it only requires one of your ancestors to be born in Malaysia/Singapore pre-Merdeka. It doesn't matter if 3 of your grandparents were born in Kerala as long as one of your grandparents was born in Malaya/Singapore.

    According to my reading of the definition, the Chinese descendant of pre-Merdeka Straits-born Chinese, if he converts to Islam, habitually speaks Malay and conforms to Malay custom, will be a Malay according to the Constitution.

    1. It is stated somewhere in the constitution Singapore Malays entering Malaysia are Malay. It did not say African Malays or even Indonesia Malays entering Malaysia are Malay.
      Malay is defined in (a) or (b).
      In (a), it is more stringent as it refers to the descendants of Malay parent born on / before Merdeka Day in Malaysia & Singapore only. Naturally all their grandchildren would be Malay.

      In (b), What does THE ISSUE OF THE PERSON mean?. Is the issue of the person referencing to any particular time? Which categories of people will likely be qualified as Malay under (b)?

  5. Hey,

    I find it fascinating that skin colour has absolutely nothing to do with what is the constitutional definition of a “Malay”. In fact, if a person’s name was not automatically determinative of what would constitute conformity to Malay custom…. then someone that is ethnically (say) Chinese and has a Chinese name could potentially fall under this definition.

    If the above is correct, this does not seem to at all correspond to how the man in the street would define this person (“Ah Kow”?) as someone that is Malay, even if constitutionally he or she could be defined as one.

    Best regards,

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  8. Syed Hamid Albar's father came to Malaysa in the 30s. So he did not satisfy condition no. 4. But he became an UMNO stalwart. And his son rode on that.

    Likewise with Khir Toyo's father.

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  13. My religion has a kitab and it's older than the qoran.

    It's called Kama Sutra and I practise its teachings religiously

  14. Dear Born,

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    Also, please tell me, must something be written on paper to be a religion? I thought religion is a "way of life"? So, is life so simple that everything about it has already been written on paper?

    How do you know what's written on paper is the word of God? Were you there when God was saying it? It could have just been bullshit by whoever who wrote it? How do you know the person who wrote it was truthful and honest? Did you know him personally?

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  15. Hello “learned” friend, if you are really LLM student, you should have finished reading Article 160 before writing your article. You see my friend, there are 2 conditions attached to the Article 160, which basically said that the definition applies to those who claimed to be Malay at the time of Merdeka and not now. Faham?

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  17. dear ali davidson,

    religion is about beliefs have to agree with that. Do you believe in the existance of God?

    A proper religion would have kitab or bible which can be said as the word from God and guidance.

    You can't see God, so do you belief in Him? How do you Ali get your soul? No you cant't see it. U just living is that so?

    Regarding Malay = Muslim in Malaysia I would think relevant since according to Islam, when A muslim convert, the penalty is death. But Malaysia is not an Islamic country and that's why it is not implimented

  18. Born – many Islamic scholars including Yusuf Al-Qaradawi disagree that the penalty for apostasy in the Shari’ah is death.

  19. Rlowc,

    "Ajaran sesat" doesn't make sense. There is no such thing as "ajaran sesat" in Religion because all religions merely consists of beliefs.

    It doesn't matter whether I believe in Allah or I believe in Frodo Baggins. You and I both have never seen Allah or Frodo Baggins before. So, it is therefore just a Belief in it. Anyone is free to believe in anything.

    I can believe you have a 3 inch cock, but unless you show it to me to prove me wrong, then it will just be my belief that you have a 3 inch cock. Put another way, I have Faith that you have a cock that is no bigger than 3 inches.

    If you think there is such a thing as "ajaran sesat", then Christianity would be an "ajaran sesat" of Judaism. And so will Islam be an "ajaran sesat" of Christianity and Judaism. Buddhism will also be an "ajaran sesat" of Hinduism. Sikhism will be an "ajaran sesat" of Islam and Hinduism. We would all be "sesat"!

    If you want freedom of religion, you have to accept all religions, even the ones you deem "ajaran sesat".

    Now, go get lost (sesat)!

  20. Ahmed Kamal – According to a 2007 article I read, five states (Pahang, Perak, Malacca, Trengganu & Sabah) have provisions punishing apostasy, involving maximum penalties of imprisonment of one to three years, a fine of RM3,000 to 5,000, and in one state up to 6 lashes. In three states (Malacca, Sabah, Kelantan), the apostate may also be put in rehabilitative detention in a ‘faith’ rehabilitation centre for up to 6-36 months, whereas in another five states (Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Johore & Sarawak) and the Federal Territories there is no provision for punishment or recognition of apostasy. As previously noted, Negri Sembilan has provision for judicial recognition of apostasy, and Sarawak in practise recognises apostasy through the State Islamic Affairs Department.

  21. Thanks for the judgement quote Andrew, good to see an example of how Article 160 can be abused. The myth that I understand now is that, 'A Malay can only be a Muslim and never change', and that such interpretation has resulted in religion being forced on a person. At the time of Lina Joy's case a friend told me about the apostasy process in N9, but its only legal to be an apostate in Wilayah Persekutuan..it almost sounded like she'd have to go through the process in N9 and teleport to Wilayah to avoid getting jailed.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  22. "As Malays are by definition Muslim, their kids must be Muslim as well, so it is true that a Malay is automatically a Muslim."

    Ahmed Kamal – While it is true that a minor's religion is determined by his/her parent(s), there is nothing in the Constitution that says that a Muslim of full age cannot change his religion. Article 11 in fact states that every person "has the right to profess and practise his religion". The position post-Lina Joy is that a Muslim must obtain a declaration of apostasy from the relevant state syariah authorities before he can profess and practise any other religion. Whether or not this is possible is a matter of state law (it is possible in Negri Sembilan and in Sarawak).

    But the following is an excerpt from the Lina Joy Court of Appeal judgment: "The learned judge heard the originating summons and dismissed it. Among his reasons were the following. The appellant being originally a Malay, by reason of the definition of "Malay" in clause 2 of Article 160 of the Federal Constitution, with its requirement of professing the religion of Islam, the appellant will remain a Malay to her dying day and cannot renounce Islam. The freedom to profess and practise the religion of one's choice guaranteed by clause (1) of Article 11 does not include freedom of choice of religion."

    So while the Art 160 argument does not appear to have played a part in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court, certainly it appears at least to have convinced/confused the judge in the High Court, and it keeps cropping up whenever the issue is discussed.

  23. I am confused. Is Malay a ethnic group or a religion?

    But you have Chinese muslim, buddist, christian etc

    You have Indian muslim, hindu, christian etc

    But Malay?

  24. I don't understand the title of the article. Its not a myth, its a written fact in the Constitution that a Malay must meet those 4 conditions to be considered one. It is an ethnicity that exists purely as a social construct, with no DNA test to verify it. Its a construct with religion as a requirement, which I think is a bit sad.

    In this country, a child born to Muslim parents must be Muslim regardless of race. As Malays are by definition Muslim, their kids must be Muslim as well, so it is true that a Malay is automatically a Muslim. I haven't met a Malay who says he/she is Muslim because of Article 160, have you? I'm not being sarcastic, I really want to know.

    What bothers me is that we have people being born into a faith and living in a country where your religion is associated with your look (the Malay look), and religious officers can clamp down on your freedom. What happens to those Malays who were born Muslims but never embraced the faith? What happens to those who can't fast for medical reasons during Ramadan? They are forced to pretend they are Muslim due to their label of Malay, which isn't right.

    I have met Malays who refuse to accept me as one, because I don't speak Malay, I'm weak in knowledge of Malay culture, and don't practice its customs. Can you imagine what a Western country would be like if its assumed that all white people are Christians and anyone claiming/behaving otherwise is ostracised or worse? Mixing in religion with ethnic definitions just doesn't work.

  25. There is no need to define or segregate by ethnicity of faith but understand the below term :

    *** Jus Soli ***

    Jus soli (Latin: right of the soil), also known as birthright citizenship, is a right by which nationality or citizenship can be recognized to any individual born in the territory of the related state.

    The International Law Commission at its fifth session in 1953 produced both a Draft Convention on the Elimination of Future Statelessness, and a Draft Convention on the Reduction of Future Statelessness. ECOSOC approved both drafts.

    There are 21 Articles, I list the most important below :

    Article 1(1)

    (Contracting) States shall grant their nationality to persons, otherwise stateless, born in their territory (subject to Article 1(2)).


    *** The grant may be by virtue of the birth, or upon application by or on behalf of the person so born. *** This is (Jus Soli)

    Statelessness creates problems for states and disadvantages for those left stateless, to wit:

    * Diminished civil rights in comparison to the nationals of the states where they reside. This may occur despite the ideals espoused in the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons. The same diminished civil rights, though of a lesser magnitude are imposed via APARTHEID and BUMIPUTRAISM here in Malaysia and are thus untenable.

  26. Cranberry – In my view, ethnicity is a social construct – if a person is accepted by the Malay community as a Malay, then he is a Malay. I don't believe that the Constitution's definition has any application beyond the realm of constitutional interpretation. The reason I have written this article is because I am fed up of people saying that the definition in Article 160 forces Malay people to be Muslims, when it does no such thing.

  27. dear cranberry: can't a non-muslim, non-malay dicuss the constitution? I can't find anywhere in the piece where he "arrogantly" define a malay..I'm a malay and I find the points raised by the writer very pertinent..though we call ourselves malays, none of my family members would satisfy all 4 conditions

  28. There you go.. A non Muslim, non Malay (Andrew) arrogantly defining what a malay should be and does…

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