Final 15 films of 2010 to look out for. The last segment of snippets in this Marathon tour guided by resident LoyarBurok movie critic, Wai. See here and the links therein for our previous 5 segments. Hope this has been of help to you, movie buffs. Now, go out and get that film!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Poster

11. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (11 Nov)

As with “The Other Guys” this flick has already been released in the States. Sadly, “Scott Pilgrim” has not enjoyed the same box office success. In fact, it pretty much crashed and burned. Now, this does not mean the film is crap. Quite the contrary. Visually, this is an entirely unique animal, with very cool video game-inspired graphics, comic book-style scene transitions and highly kinetic cinematography. The characters themselves are intentionally portrayed in the off-kilter manner of the graphic novels they’re based upon. This is a film ahead of its time. Or as Marty McFly would say: “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.” Go watch it, and pride yourself as being ahead of the curve.

The Social Network Poster

12. The Social Network (11 Nov)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not exactly a fan of Facebook. So why am I hawking a movie about the founders of this social medium? Because it’s directed by none other than David Fincher, the man who gave us “Fight Club”, “Se7en” and “Zodiac”. So don’t expect a fluffy and whimsical rom-com. In fact, Facebook’s legal advisors have already butted heads with the film’s producers, ‘requesting’ certain scenes to be edited or removed entirely. Proof that this is likely going to be an honest, down and dirty inside look at the birth of the global phenomenon. My status? In the cinema on opening weekend.

Black Swan Poster

13. Black Swan (est: 1 Dec)

Ok, I’ll admit it. The thing that excited me most about this film wasn’t director Darren Aronofsky. Or the dark and bizarre story in which a star ballerina faces off against a rival who may or may not be a figment of her imagination. What really piqued my interest was a scene in the trailer where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play tonsil hockey. Gentlemen, do I have your attention now? For the rest of you who aren’t into girl-on-girl action, there will be other things to savour. Portman has a background in ballet, so the film’s dream-like dance sequences should be handled quite nicely. Just don’t expect a warm and happy ending. It’s Aronofsky, after all.

Tron Legacy Poster

14. Tron Legacy (16 Dec)

I have been looking forward to this ever since Disney first previewed some test footage at San Diego Comic Con 2008. If you think that’s a long wait, then you obviously aren’t familiar with the history of the Tron franchise (if it can be considered a franchise at all). The first movie, while a box office failure in 1982, slowly built a cult following over the years. Its then-revolutionary CGI was hailed as a game changer, paving the way for major talents like Pixar Studios to take things to the next level. To be honest, as a film geek, I can barely believe a sequel exists; and even more mind-boggling is how fantastic it all looks and sounds (Daft Punk!!!). I’ll go out on a limb right now. “Tron Legacy” will be one of 2010’s best cinematic experiences.

Animal Kingdom Poster

15. Animal Kingdom (unconfirmed)

Chances are, Malaysians will never see this film in the theatre. It hasn’t even received a wide release in America. It’s an Australian film, and according to all who have seen it, is nothing short of brilliant. “Animal Kingdom” is a sly and fitting title, since the story’s all about a family of vicious, borderline psychotic criminals. Caught in the middle is a teenage boy, who has just been introduced to the family business, right when the cops begin to close in on the whole dysfunctional clan. First time writer-director David Michôd has constructed a complex and riveting tale, beautifully acted by some of Australia’s brightest talents. It would be a shame if this film went unnoticed by mainstream audiences. So if you can’t find this in theatres, there is always your trusty neighbourhood DVD store.

So there you have it! The final 15 films of 2010 to look out for soon.

LB: Storyteller by trade and dreamer by nature, Wai has been deeply nuts about the celluloid world since the first time he discovered he could watch a story instead of reading it. But he likes writing about it. Wai goes by a single name because he likes to avoid any “Imperial entanglements” (a.k.a. “conflict of interest with the powers that be” for those of you who don’t speak Star Wars) in his employment. Plus, cool people use one-word names.

Storyteller by trade and dreamer by nature, Wai has been deeply nuts about the celluloid world since the first time he discovered he could watch a story instead of reading it. But he likes writing about...

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  2. Wai and FilmBuff

    Lebannon was nmore artistic than excited adrenaline type movie for warmongers. could do with a film review on that?

    4 Lions is plain daumb.

    Many of the movies recently dont excite those who are not into imaginative scripts. where are the bio epics like jfk, etc?

    recommend some?

  3. Vaart: My take on intellectual property rights is the politically correct one. I believe in buying original stuff, and regularly do so (from Amazon, etc). However, I totally understand the reasons why we Malaysians resort to the "neighbourhood" DVD stores. There are many contributing factors, and the solution isn't an easy or immediate one.

    As for the "high" cinema ticket prices you cited, you might be pleased to know that cinema-going in Malaysia is cheaper than in many other countries around the world. I'm speaking from experience.

    I will further discuss the subject of film piracy in a future article…

  4. Wai,

    Look forward to yr next movie review? Can do a list of what you plan to write on so we can anticipate it?

    Also want to hear from you friendly and reliable DVD stores – yes, irritate the authorities dont worry. What's yr take on intellectual property rights? Is it fault of authorities cinema fares are so hi and cost of real DVDs are prohibitive?

    Where we draw line?

    Want to hear your views since you're in this line

  5. Alie: from your avatar, I take it that you’re a Tron fan, eh. As for my 2011 preview, that’ll happen in Jan. Or as soon as I finish compiling the list of releases from all over the world. I try to give exposure to European and Asian cinema whenever I can.

    Popia: I’m feeling the love! And the world sure needs more love. Yeah, I’m a hippy that way. Nice idea for an article—the best “neighbourhood” dvd stores in town. I’m not sure the powers-that-be will be very pleased though.

    yau cha kui: just typing your nick is making me hungry. Heh. Anyway, thanks for the support. Even the most dedicated political activist needs a respite. And escapism is what cinema is all about…

  6. Wai, we do love what you are doing for this superb site! You are sanitising us after days of political banter and allow us to escape into some fantasy world of the making….!!! thank you

  7. Well, I sure can't wait to see what is 2010 worst and best movies as well. So far I have seen more bad than good; this year is unfortunately filled with a lot of mediocre films. There are some good ones of course; so far Inception is my favourite. :)

    When do you think you'll come up with what good movies to expect in 2011?

  8. Filmbuff: nice choices. I haven't watched "Lebanon" yet, but have heard good things about it. Feels like a spiritual successor to "Waltz With Bashir".

    And "Four Lions" is quite funny, esp the white dude who keeps getting crap from the other terrorists cos he can't speak Urdu. The film tackled a very thorny subject in a fresh way, and the satire actually worked.

  9. I recommend "Lebanon" about an Israeli conscript during the war with Lebanon in 1982; and "Four Lions" a British comedy about suicide bombers.

    which of course would never be shown in Malaysia. so again, your trusted DVD store or some other source.

  10. Hi merdheka.

    There haven’t been very many good biopics this year. The Aron Ralston true story “127 Hours” on my list is a potential.

    Check out “Nowhere Boy”, a British film about the teenage life of The Beatles legend John Lennon. It’s quite good, especially the lead actor playing Lennon, Aaron Johnson (“Kick Ass”). This is actually a 2009 film but only got released in the States not too long ago.

    If you’re into documentaries, look out for “Inside Job”. It exposes the involvement of Wall Street executives in the economic crash of 2008. Guaranteed to get your blood boiling. Narrated by Mat Damon.

    As for my best-of/worst-of list, that’s coming at the end of the year…

  11. Hey folks, thanks for the feedback.

    Movivuster: unfortunately you can expect some of these films to be heavily censored, especially "Piranha 3D" cos it has a LOT of nudity.

    michaela: "Due Date" is an unknown quantity right now. A trusted source of mine says that the script went thru a number of late re-writes to accommodate Robert Downey Jr, who is a notorious dialogue-improviser. Could be good. I like Zach Galifianakis ("The Hangover"). He's pretty funny.

  12. Dear Wai

    Could you do a review of the pure bio/non-fiction/true story type list of movies in 2010 we should really watch? Been out of luck on these genre of movies. What’s your best this year?

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