Dear Fairly Current people,

LB is really psyched that LoyarBurokkers Edmund Bon, Hilman Idham, and Woon King Chai scored a hat-trick for LoyarBurok on the Fairly Current Show! They appear in episodes #105, #104, and #103 respectively – 3 hit combo! Woohoo! Scroll down to check out the videos. Enjoy, embed, and forward!


Episode #105 : LB Edmund Bon

Host, Fahmi Fadzil asks Edmund about the Internal Security Act and what he thinks of the much talked about amendments to the legislation. Click play to hear Edmund call the amendments “wayang kulit” and his reasons for saying so.

He also draws the focus to two other less talked about but equally draconian laws that allow for detention without trial – the Emergency Ordinance and Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act – and future direction in the enactment of laws in making them relevant to present day threats without the present day impunity we see.

We would also like to highlight Edmund’s p.s.a. that the only tee you’ll ever need – The LB Tee – is currently out of stock. Fret not, simply place your orders now with Lord Bobo to get your hands on the next batch… you know you want to.

Episode #104 – LB Hilman Idham

LoyarBurokker and one-quarter of the UKM 4, Hilman Idham discusses a topic of great interest to him – the student movement in Malaysia. He shares his views on the misconceptions surrounding student interest in politics, the decline of student activism and how laws such the UUCA/AUKU has contributed to this.

Hilman is the founder and president of Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independen (KAMI), a member of the Majlis Pimpinan Front Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), and the President of the Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Politik (PMSP-UKM).

Episode #103 – LB Woon King Chai

Once again, LoyarBurokker King Chai shares the story of the UKM 4 – four political science undergraduates who were arrested in Hulu-Selangor during the by-election during their field trip and subsequently faced disciplinary proceedings in the university. The UKM 4 are now taking a leap of faith and challenging the constitutionality of the UUCA/AUKU in a court of law. Look out for King Chai’s first post on LoyarBurok tomorrow!

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