Leadership builders Leaderonomics and the Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee will be conducting a unique, first-of-its kind “The Enlightened Rakyat Workshop” as a means of enabling Malaysians to learn about themselves – the choices you are able to make, the impact you can have over Malaysia and the skills you have as a leader.

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Who are you? What is your role in Malaysia? What would you like see of Malaysia? How can you influence people in Malaysia? What would you do if you led Malaysia? Do you have ideas? Do you have opinions? Would you like to express who you are? Would you like Malaysia to know, who you are?

These are questions every Malaysian has pondered about. As a Malaysian, you naturally feel a deep sense of belonging to your land, to your culture, your heritage and most certainly to the people around you. There is quite simply, no place else like Malaysia. 52 years since our independence, Malaysians now want to step forward in this diverse landscape; to lead the people, promote prosperity and bring about change.

Leadership builders Leaderonomics and the Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee brings you “The Enlightened Rakyat Workshop”:

> Participants will be guided on their rights as citizens of Malaysia while also learning about their personality, their strengths and ways to become more proactive and perceptive leaders.

> Participants will be given guidance on public speaking, eloquence and persuasiveness as well as assistance in developing presentation skills, communication and expression.

The Enlightened Rakyat Workshop will also be an excellent opportunity to meet like minded people; to network and to synergize with the potential leaders of Malaysia. It would be an avenue for people to promote awareness among one another and to maturely deal with the issues facing this country.

The Enlightened Rakyat Workshop


10 July 2010

Cybertorium, Level 2, Menara Star

We look forward to hearing from the future leaders of the Rakyat; your aspirations, your vision and your hopes.


Registration fee is RM15 and you will get MyConsti’s “The Rakyat Guides” & food, too!

Click here to download the registration form and programme