[UPDATED on 23 June 2010.] Click here for the LB Tee Party photo album.

Friends, family, colleagues, professionals, countrymen (and yah you in the back too)!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Let all knoweth by ear and sight that Lord Bobo Barnabus hath fashioned the GREATEST known apparel known to Man and Simian in the universe from the very fabric of our dimension (and some other lesser known ones):

The LB Tee

Freedom Sized bib

(Currently available in the only size worth having: Freedom Sized)

Lord Bobo Barnabus hath decreed that it be made availableth to both male, female or simian upon tender of appropriate consideration (or in truth, whomseover that doth wisheth to purchasef it!).

He therefore did commandeth the LoyarBurokkers to manifest themselves

on May 21, Friday


Starbucks, One Utama (New Wing) – 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Padang, One Utama (Rooftop) – 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Decanter, Jln Setiakasih – 10.oopm till late

to make them available to all of thee.

Though Lord Bobo Barnabus hath decreed the consideration for The LB Tee to be RM30 each – the 50 of the first shall receiveth a blessing of RM2 off the original consideration!

Thou doth know that thou really doth desireth it! Or even if though doth not, thy friends and families would and thou are naughty to deprive them offit! ‘Tis thee only tee thou really needeth.

If thy inconvenience doth outstrip thy desire, fret not, for thou may place thy orders with Lord Bobo Barnabus directly! Thou hast to include thy:

(i) name,

(ii) mailing address,

(iii) quantity desired,

(iv) payment method – by cheque to “Liberal Banter Sdn. Bhd.” OR bank-in to our Maybank account

(v) courier charges – RM7 for West Malaysia, RM9 for East Malaysia (for up to 2 tees)

Thou art encouraged to checketh out the LoyarBurok Facebook page for more photos!

Make haste!

Nadia LB Tee

Roger LB Tee

Fahri LB Tee

group tee

The LB Tee on PopTeeVee! Woohoo!
The LB Tee on PopTeeVee! Woohoo!