Haris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament has been invited to speak at Bloggers Universe Malaysia 201o. He jumped on the offer the moment he would have Zul Noordin as co-speaker to speak on the “Allah” issue. Unfortunately, Zul has yet to respond to any calls, sms’s or e-mails by the organisers of BUM 2010.

LoyarBurok is joining the manhunt by reproducing below Haris’ plea to Zul. So if you see him, please send him the message, we miss him too. Information leading to Zul’s participation in BUM 2010 will be rewarded with 1 free ticket to BUM 2010.

Zul Taliban Noordin
Also known as Zul Taliban. Approach with caution as he is thought to be unstable and somewhat rabid. Will react aggressively and loudly when cornered but is usually silenced when confronted with reasoned argument. Information as to his present hideout leading to his participation in the forthcoming BUM 2010 'Allah' discussion on May 22, 2010 will be rewarded with one free ticket to that BUM event.

A while back, I got a call from someone on the organising team for this year’s BUM 2010 to inquire if I would speak at the event on May 22, 2010.

I initially declined as May was, by then, already looking to be a busy month.

She dangled the first carrot.

“You’d be speaking on the ‘Allah’ issue”, she said.

I told her I’d really love to but did not think I could find the time.

Second carrot.

You’d have YB Zul Nordin and YB Khalid Samad as co-speakers“, she said, with a knowing snigger.

I asked if she was kidding me. She said she was not.

I asked how long each speaker would have to present their 2-sen.

“10 to 12 minutes”, was the reply.

“Who will moderate?”, I asked.

“Sakmongkol”, she replied.

I agreed to speak.

Bumped into her last night at the Wharf. Told her I’d seen a post up somewhere announcing BUM 2010 and that Zul Nordin was not mentioned as one of the speakers for the event.

She explained that Zul has not responded to calls, sms’s and e-mails inviting him to speak at BUM 2010.

And she assured me that however late his acceptance to speak is communicated to the organisers, he will also be given the 10-12 minutes to share his thoughts on the “Allah” issue.

RPK’s posting today probably explains why Zul has not been able to respond.

Zul, please make my day.

Wherever it is you are hiding out, if you can take some time out of your busy schedule trying to topple the Kedah and Selangor Pakatan state governments or running other errands for Jibby or his fat mama, do get in touch with the organisers of BUM 2010.

We do miss you.

For details of the BUM 2010, or to get yourself registered for the same, click here.

BUM Bloggers Universe Malaysia speakers poster

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