All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. All fierce opinions and no fun ones makes LoyarBurok too serious a blawg. We are therefore please to conclude this timely and relevant allegorical tale here. The first part can be read here.

The angels returned to Media guarded by the Lawyers. They continued to call upon the name of Allah. The farmers’ harvest has never been more bountiful. Upon learning that the angels had defied his decree and sought after the help of the Lawyers, king Alba V was furious. He ordered that the barns where the harvests were stored to be locked and guarded by his soldiers so that no one could enter. The farmers began to starve.

The king sent messengers to the five kings of Lusousiv. The five kings of Lusousiv agreed to assist king Alba V to suppress the rebellious angels and Lawyers. The sight of the army of the six kings was terrifying. Their chariots made thundering sounds as they passed from village to village.

Advocate knew they were outnumbered. He remembered someone who has greater power and command over an army greater than the kings. She was Queen Belle the Just who ruled in the land of Truoc. Advocate sent a messenger to the queen. The angels and the Lawyers escaped to the land of Truoc.

The angels and the Lawyers were welcomed by the queen. She listened to their ordeal and decided to provide them refuge. She promised to reason with the kings. She wrote to the kings and invited them to a banquet.

King Alba V thought that the angels were going to surrender and the banquet was held to honour his victory. The kings began their journey to the land of Truoc. One night, while King Alba V was sleeping in his tent, the ground under him split apart, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed him. All that was left was his crown. His name was remembered no more. Niddummahsih succeeded him as king.

Upon arrival of the six kings in Truoc, Queen Belle welcomed them into her palace with lavish banquet, music and dance. The new king Niddummahsih stepped forward, waived his sword and demanded that the queen handed over the rebels to be punished. Indignant, Advocate declared a battle against the kings. The kings laughed and left the palace to prepare for the battle.

On the first day of the battle, the Lawyers marched out with the queen’s army behind them and each one struck down his/her opponent. At that, the kings and their army began to tremble in fear and became disheartened. The Lawyers advanced and overpowered the horses, chariots and inflicted heavy losses on their opponents.

The queen led her own army and fought courageously. Her people were touched by her courage and fought as hard.

The battle lasted for ten days and nights. On the tenth night, the queen together with one hundred trusted soldiers went to the edge of the camps of the kings. It was just after they had changed the guards. The queen and the soldiers blew their trumpets. The sound of the trumpets echoed through the hills. Grasping a torch in her left hand, the queen stood on a huge rock and shouted, “The angels shall be set free to call upon the name of Allah!”

Fear gripped the hearts of the kings and their army throughout the camp. In the dark, they turn on each other with their swords. Finally, at dawn, all that was left in the camps were dead bodies and wounded.

The six kings have no other choice but to retreat until an opportune time…