A potent argument why foreigners should choose Malaysia to reside; the endless political intrigue and crises, constant pivotal plot twists to rival any of HBO’s most popular series and a stellar acting troupe would rival any Hollywood and Bollywood production, just to name a few.

If you are a political science buff, come live in Malaysia. It’s never a boring place to be.

Last year 2009 was filled with drama, twists and controversies. From Barisan Nasional’s back-door take over of Perak, to the extremely unfortunate death of Teoh Beng Hock, we have it all. Malaysian politics would beat that old famous TV series ‘Dallas’, anytime, if made into a soap-opera. I recall the episode where Bobby Ewing died; and also the episode when JR Ewing was shot, newspapers were full of reports about that weekly TV series.

If we have a soap-opera in Malaysia based on politics, we can just call it ‘Not Boring’.

How can it be boring when Political parties particularly UMNO, politicize words like Allah, knowing full well in Sarawak the non-muslim residents there uses that term ‘Allah’ to describe God.

How can it be boring when we found out our Prime Minister, when leading the Defence Ministry, lost a Jet Engine of a Jet Plane (yes, you read it right – a Jet Engine).

How can one explain when UMNO claims that DAP’s demands that Teoh Beng Hock’s death be fully investigated, are racial in nature?

Then we have some obtuse gentlemen carrying around a decapitated Cow Head claiming that all non-malays in Malaysia are 2nd class citizens.

And of course, there is always Perak. After attacking Anwar who sought a vote of no-confidence against Pak Lah by getting BN parliamenterians to cross over when the former was PM, BN themselves embraced party hopping and took over Perak. 3 State assemblymen left Pakatan and became BN friendly. To compound matters, instead of solving the matter by democratic process, Sultan Azlan decided to give power to BN.

I was in Ipoh a few weeks ago, and my family optician is confident that Perak will not fall to BN again. That sums up the sentiments in Perak at the moment.

Let’s not forget our current Home Minister, Hishamuddin, who continue to defy intelligence and logic by supporting the Cow-Head boys and also claims that the Police is a little more corrupted because we Malaysians dont love the police enough. What a loving country we have here, right?

Our MACC continues to be BN’s tool, when they chose to close an eye over clear and obvious corruption like Khir Toyo’s bungalow house and VK Lingam’s video incident, but will investigate alleged mis-use of some minor funds, all conveniently involving the opposition.

Then there is our MCA. All drama, all talk but no work. President losing a Vote of No-confidence but with a thick skin, he continues to stay on.

At the Bar, we have Police arresting 5 lawyers who were at the Police Station to defend and represent people arrested for attending a candle light vigil.

At the opposition front, we have racists like Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali, 2 top obtuse politicians. Whilst people say to me that these 2 have a right to their views, then I too have my right to condemn theirs.

So, there we have it, actors in soap-opera already exist. Plots and drama are ready-made. Scripts are also available. All we need now is a James Cameron to make a splendid TV-Opera.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to all. I guarantee you, it will not be a boring 2010 ahead of for us, in 1Malaysia!