MyConstitution Campaign logoDear ConstiLC

I totally believe in, and support, the MyConstitution Campaign.

One of the most shocking things I learnt doing the Article 11 Campaign is the lack of awareness among lawyers (not just the public) about the Federal Constitution. It would be interesting to do a general poll amongst lawyers:

  • how many have read the Constitution?
  • how many own a copy of the Constitution? (surely this should be in every lawyer’s personal library)

This led me to purchase copies of the Constitution which I gave to family/friends as a gift (in addition to the customary bottle of wine/chocs) when I was invited to their homes for dinner. I recognised at the time (but was unable to do anything about it) that the flaw in my action was that to the non-lawyer, the Constitution may seem a difficult/confusing read. The only thing I could do was to include a note with the gift that if they had any questions regarding the Constitution, that I would be happy to discuss/answer them. I thereafter resolved to create a child’s version of the Constitution which Voice Of the Children hopes to do next year. I’m proud that each family (of my relations) has a copy of the Constitution (which I hope they’ve read, at least the initial articles) …unless of course it’s become the dog’s dinner! ;-)

Since then, 4 families have gotten involved in civil society activities/politics (with a small ‘p’), which goes to show what awareness of the Constitution can do.

Lack of awareness of the Constitution results in a lack of appreciation of and love for the Constitution and what it upholds and protects. It is therefore not surprising that many place other laws (e.g. Syariah/the Quran) above the Constitution.

This Campaign, I’m sure, addresses the flaw in my actions by making the Constitution more easily comprehended by the public; thereby raising awareness and understanding of the Constitution as the bedrock of this nation.

Good luck!