A few days after America’s Capitol Hill celebrated the historic passing of their Health Care Bill, we hear some shocking and illogical statements in our Capital Hill, the Parliament. The American People’s Representatives have been working hard to work out a deal for the American people, but in the Malaysian Parliament on November 9, 2009, it seemed our Government has been working hard to work out a deal for a selected few in Malaysia.

I quote from the Malaysian Insider report:

Nazri also suggested that Lingam breached no laws as he might “have just acted to fix the appointment of judges as if he was brokering the appointment of senior judges to impress people”.

In essence the Minister, Datuk Seri Nazri stated in Parliament that it is alright for anyone to fix the appointments of Judges in this country.

To say this is a shocking statement is an understatement.

Under an administration which seems to have an attachment to slogans and numbers (particular No. 1), this Government must have no clue what these slogans they use as battle cries, actually mean.

Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib created this ‘People First, Performance Now’ slogan, but we can now see that it actually means, ‘My People First, Performance for My People Now’.

As a normal citizen paying tax, I feel as if this looks and sounds like a cover up. It looks like a crime, it sounds like a crime, but Nazri has confirmed that it is not a crime. If this is not a cover up, I don’t know what else is.

We as Malaysians can now proudly inform all our friends all over the world; that in our country, we can (other than having a corrupted ADUN) fix Judges’ appointments. And to prove the truth of this, we only need to look at the Hansard of Parliament’s sitting of November 9, 2009 to see that a Minister has ‘confirmed’ in the highest House of the People, the Dewan Rakyat – that in Malaysia we can fix the appointments.

There is no people first, there is no performance now but 1 thing is for sure – we can now fix Judges’ appointments. Perhaps I should start 1 website, fix-judge-appointment.com.my. Maybe I should initiate 1 Facebook page inviting candidates to be Judges and then broker their appointments with our Prime Minister and Chief Justice. Or I can do 1 blog ala malaysia-today and try to strike deals. And the best thing is, these kinds of activities, are now endorsed by our Government.