I would consider myself to be a person who talks about politics only in coffee shops, who forwards some emails and complains endlessly about the injustice(s) that we suffer and how we should strive to make Malaysia a better country to live in. Like many millions of Malaysians, I only talk the talk and not walk the walk.

I have seen my friends being hauled up by the authorities for their participation in “illegal” assemblies and lighting candles but they have remained undeterred and as passionate as ever. They continue with their march and struggle with even more determination than before while I sit behind my desk and continue to complain about the little imperfections in our lives. I never did what they did because being charged in court and spending a night (or a few nights) in lock-up is not exactly what I have in mind as the price to pay for speaking up.

Incidents that have taken place lately however start to alarm me.

Is it because there are so many of us that choose to remain silent in order not to “stir the hornet’s nest” we have become the reason why some are so bold as to openly threaten bloodshed in my very own backyard? Fortunately they do not represent right-thinking members of the Muslim community but unfortunately like all cancerous cells, it is dangerous that such a “scourge” should go unchecked.

But the Sedition Act and the Penal Code are not the right vaccines.

These “hooligans” that live among us do not tolerate or practice any form of moderation whilst our Prime Minister speaks incessantly about his “1Malaysia” concept and took it one step further by saying there must be “acceptance”. His slogan is mind-boggling because the Government and the party that he leads do not believe in it. In order for these political parties to survive, UMNO must be seen as the “protector of Malay rights” and MCA must be seen as the “protector of Chinese rights”, and MIC must be seen as the “protector of Indian rights”.

If the rakyat do not feel that they are oppressed because of their ethnicity, UMMO, MCA and MIC would not be relevant. Hence, certain leaders are quick to provoke racial sentiments as it is their survival at stake.

I was not too bothered about politics until people like Hishammuddin came out singing to the tune of the “hooligans”.

I was not too bothered about politics until Teoh Beng Hock died mercilessly whilst in the custody of MACC.

I was not too bothered about politics until Khir Toyo said that the cow is a “stupid” animal.

I have as much a right to speak as any Malaysian has – we demand to live in peace and we demand to live in an environment where our children do not grow up hating one another. We all deserve a better Malaysia!

The final cry is this, and it ought to be the loudest, as the title of this post proclaims.

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  1. As a student for most of my life, I've never noticed any problems between the races. While there are the racist jokes, the stereotypes and the criticisms, I've never had a problem going over to another Malaysian of a different race and talking to them and never had a problem making friends with them.

    UMNO, MCA and MIC ARE no longer needed. Like Japan we must see past what they did in the past (allowing for the independence of our country from the British) and look at what they HAVE been doing for us, or what they CAN do for us, which is sad to say, is a pitiful amount.

    I'm not unpatriotic in any way, I love the people, but I despise the government. I had to compare, but its disheartening to see a country like Singapore, which has nearly no natural resource whatsoever, no excess land, not even enough water, yet being able to be so far ahead of us, who have all that.

    There has to be revolution before anything will change, look around you and see that our numbers are growing, while their days are numbered.

  2. Good read, Chung Yee.. I think we all need a change of leadership too but seems like too many are race supremacist. Either they strive for their own pockets or have their own race's interest in mind. If not they risk being called a pengkhianat bangsa when they appear to be sympathetic of other races (I am talking about all politicians). I think it will take every politicians to practice constraint and stop making every god damn social issue a religious or ethnic one and the ppl the same will there be a chance of reversal to 1 bangsa Malaysia.. Why it's a reversal? Because I truly believe last time ppl really live and let live.. This is just my believe..

  3. The writing is on the wall. It is time for us to collectively get to grips with the eroding situation in our country and take collective measures to arrest it.

    This will require the efforts of not just the politicians, some of whom have to be kept in line as well since they are also part of the problem.

    We are also stakeholders in this country and we turn a blind eye to the worsening situation to our own detriment and that of our children and grandchildren.

    The Alliance and National Front consensus has broken down. Only the blind and the deaf are not aware of this.

  4. This was a reply given in the Malaysian Parliament, in response to a question by DAP MP Loke Siew Fook:

    "Sejumlah 10 cabutan khas (special draw) yang telah dibenarkan oleh Kerajaan pada tahun 2008. Jumlah kutipan cukai yang diperolehi daripada cabutan khas tersebut adalah sebanyak RM77,026,171.04. Kerajaan membenarkan cabutan khas diadakan berdasarkan kepada keperluan semasa yang bertujuan untuk membiayai pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan."

    That works out to around RM7,702,600 per draw in the government's kitty.

    Fast forward to 2009. Do you all know how many special draws have been allowed till this date?

    Da Ma Cai















    Magnum 4D













    Sports Toto












    Thats a total of 34 special draws todate.

    At the conservative estimate of RM7.7 million taxes per draw based on the reply in the parliament, the Federal government, (with a 'premier' partner UMNO, which the PM claimed is an Islamic party) would have collected RM 261.8million 'halal' money.

    One wonders how much of 'halal' money went actually for "pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan"?

    Or did any of this amount go to nurturing frogs?

    Look at the trend of the draw dates.

    See any concentration of dates, before the Perak state government was hijacked?

    And is there any concentration of dates, co-inciding with the time where the Selangor state government ex-co members and their assistants were being 'invited' to co-operate with Federal government agencies' investigations? And the 'special' blog on TBH that surfaced around that time?

    When all that failed, then the 'religious' angle came into the picture with

    a. beer confiscation from 7-Eleven (which ironically is from the same business group that Sports Toto also belongs)

    b. self-proclaimed edits about state suthorities being given powers to go after Muslims 'dealing' with alcoholic beverages

    c. Cow-Head march

    d. Disruption in the dialogue session called by the Selangor State government

    Too many co-incidences. Very difficult to ignore.

    Malayians need to remember these carefully when they want to cast their votes and select the people that they want as their MPs and ADUNs

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