Day 4 @ I1

Day 4. Our schedule was pushed behind when it rained heavily in the morning.

Day 4 @ I2

But it was sun and shine after that.

Day 4 @ I3

Froggie & Melons

We were at an orchard in Tambun. And we dropped by the DAP HQ.


Thanks Wong Kok Seng for the images.

2 replies on “FFF Shoot Day 4 “No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis””

  1. very interseting…good job to all!!!

    have been following the progress…

    can't wait to watch it…my family is also a victim from this crisis…my husband was 1 of the rakyat who was caught in front of Masjid Ubudiah in Kuala Kangsar.their case will continue on the 17-19 August…

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