Life and Death are interests of mine.

1. People alive have a strong interest to want to be alive. Well, why else would human beings come up with laws? To promote order and equilibrium. If we didn’t have laws, there’ll be chaos and disorder and a lotta dead people. People want to live.

2. We developed intelligence, so we figured if we come up with laws, we’ll be safe. Animals don’t have intelligence as sophisticated as us, so they have their own ways to remain alive. Life is seeking to be alive – that is it’s purpose.

3. Try killing yourself. It is extremely difficult to do, if not impossible. Your brain doesn’t allow you do it.

4. Then there are people who commit suicide. Those people just don’t see a reason to live anymore. The mind has convinced itself that there will be more suffering if it were to remain. I like to think that if a person can bring himself to commit suicide, he probably needs it.