The Main Motivation of the Bar Council and Malaysian Bar Is…

Some say the Bar Council and Malaysian Bar speak up for justice and the rule of law without fear or favour.

Some say they only speak up or do something when it is an opportunity to criticise the government.

Some say the Bar is in fact an opposition party.

Some say it’s irrelevant, as the Bar Council statements and lawyerly pontifications don’t matter to the man on the street.

Some say the Bar is rubbish as it doesn’t have beer on tap.

Remember Roger Tan’s article, which provoked a response from a few LoyarBurokkers, which Roger then volleyed back, and Eric Choo also had his say?

Well, on 17 May 2012, we asked you what you thought the main motivation of the Bar Council and Malaysian Bar was. Here’s your answer:

What is the main motivation of the Bar Council and the Malaysian Bar?

  • Politics. [17%]
  • Justice. [73%]
  • Who cares? They are irrelevant. [10%]

Thanks for voting, and look out for our next LoyarBuangUndi!

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