BERSIH 2.0: Live on LoyarBurok

This is it. 9th July, Kuala Lumpur. Free and fair elections. Bersih.

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39 Responses to BERSIH 2.0: Live on LoyarBurok

  1. Anonymous

    As we have predicted that Kotor UMNO BN will use all the dirtiest means to stop Bersih to Rally Protest in Stadiums/Elsewhere using all the dirtiest of their dirty tactics that they used with impunity for more than 50 years of their rule.

    Kotor is the right word to describe UMNO BN from the more than 50 years of track records of oppressions of the Rakyats by using the Police Force as their tools of violence to suppress dissent and also they have committed blatant mismanagement of Malaysia with rampant corruptions and cheating and plundering the coffers of the Federal Government. Kotor is the word aptly describe UMNO BN and the underhand dirty tactics they use to suppress the press and misinform the general public of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races must get rid of this Kotor evil regime with the thorough cleansing by Bersih which is the spirits of all the Rakyats for the wellbeing of all the future generations of all Malaysians in the next GE..

  2. Jati

    everyone has the right to voice their opinion, in this case for a free & fair elections. My mother in law has been dead for years now , but her name is on the voters list ???If we don't voice now , then we may end up like Greece ,Spain & Portugal. Look at them , on the verge of bankruptcy , why because the people allowed their country's wealth to be scoundered and mismanaged, just look at Felda , from a few billion reserve cash to now borrowing 6b from EPF. No nation has ever progressed without marches in some form.
    If you object to the march , then you object to the fair opinion of DYMM Agung, for Tuanku saw what's happenning and ordered and got an agreement for a stadium event, orderly supervised marches are the norm in developed world not in our country. The police and the ruling goverment actually defied the Agong's wishes , a sad turn of events.

    • john

      salam semua. berbagai bagai komen yang anda telah berikan. walau bagaimana pun itu pendapat masing-masing. Untuk makluman anda. Saya berada disana semalam. Dan itu adalah pertama kali saya menyertai perhimpunan sebegini. Saya menyaksikan dengan mata saya sendiri bagaimana polis mengunakan kekerasan terhadap rakyat yang hanya mengunakan suara bagi mengutarakan rasa tidak puashati terhadap spr. Menitik airmata saya melihat warga emas dipukul dengan kayu, baik lelaki atau perempuan. Kepada anda yang tiada disana jangan bercakap tanpa siasat dulu. Sekirannya pencuri masuk rumah anda pandai pulak melawan tetapi bila pencuri mencuri duit rakyat berbillion ringgit anda diam je. kalau itu lah anda mungkin anda patut renung cermin lama lama dan tanya adakah aku berbohong pada diri sendir! Minum teh tarik secawan pun kena bayar cukai. Bayangkan negara kaya tetapi rakyat miskin. Baca la suratkhbar pembangkang sekali sekala dan buat perbandingan dan pastikan kita mengunakan akal yang ada dengan sebaik mungkin. Kalau tidak lebih baik jadi binatang je dah tentu tak ada akal wasalam.

    • Mr Clean

      Public has the right to voice the true and right for the future of Malaysia.
      We need new Goverment.
      Current Goverment,is Hutang with every where. No proper finance management. If no changes, our RM will dropped and one day same rate like Indonesia.
      We need strong Governent. Don't stick with one Goverment more than 2 terms. No improvement / corruption, pls change them.
      All politician should declare their asset before and after come into power.

  3. chieff

    TANIAH.. PDRM.. jangan bagi muka pada yg telibat dgn BERSIH(BESHIT) charge mereka maximun..biar dia org rasa mcm mane mereka menyusahkan org lain yg mahukan keamamnan.. time tu nak tengok sapa drp tlg mereka.. saya berani potong jari takda siapa drp pengajur BESHIT akan tampil menolong mereka… Anwar setakat mehasut pandai lah.. Hj Hadi tak ubah macam pak lebai bodoh… Ambiga.. lari balik India.. hah..hah.. padan muka pada yg kena tangkap..

  4. malaysia peace

    peace…..think about it?

  5. malaysia- no war

    meyusahkan rakyat sahaja.what we get from bersih?business xjln.negara dah aman nak huru-harakan.ape yg kite dpt? ambiga bg business kt kite ker?hanya utk kepentigan politik mereka shj.

  6. malaysia


  7. ProfHariz

    Salam.. Apakah Bersih 2.0 ini Terpalit Sejarah #bersih atau #bershit kepada Malaysia ?

  8. charlie chan

    corruption by the billions as in PKFZ is very clean, stealing sand as in JOHOR as shown in the STAR is real clean, millions of illegals here are also very clean, WHAT A CLEAN NATION?

  9. McD




  10. Malaysia 2.0

    Seriously Malaysian Politics is KOTOR.. but the way they want to BERSIHkan is not like this.. Not by Perhimpunan Haram/Halal.. like, hello?? banyak lgi boleh buat la… come on malaysia!!

  11. Lompat si Katak

    OK….I suppose the so-called RUBBISH BERSIH MARCH is now over. So, may I know what's the achievement????

    The only achievement I could notice is that BANANA COLOURED MONKEYS got bashed & splashed.

    Kudos for the time well spent.


    • McD

      Aiseh…this is what I call SYIOK SENDIRI lor.

      Useless HUMANS like to waste their time doing stupid things & then getting bashed for it. There is no explanation for this. BERSIH is filled with these useless humans.

  12. ToKz

    Bersih aje tahu jerit MENJERIT,
    Jerit sampai masuk PARIT,
    Nampak polis terus BALIK,
    Otak bagai lembu tak CERDIK.

    Pakai kuning macam PISANG,
    Akhirnya kena hentam bagai KACANG,
    Aje tahu jerit takut nak MENYERANG,
    Memang bodoh lagi BANGGANG.

    Pasal BERSIH kita tak boleh pergi BANDAR,
    Bandar dikunci memang KELAKAR,
    Tak boleh shopping memang CELAKA,
    Ini semua pasal sundal nama AMBIGA.

    Ambiga sundal mat KELING,
    Cakap kepala pasti BERPUSING,
    Orang macam ni memang TIU NIA SING,
    Tak hairan keling aje tahu buat BISING.

    • Amreish Siman

      Lu hanya tahu MEMBEBEL,
      Memang gitu sebab lu memang SEWEL,
      Otak lembap pasal makan nasilemak BASI,
      Bersih wujud pasal kerajaan kuku BESI

      Hantu pocong pakai PUTIH,
      Yang sesat lu yang berhati PEDIH,
      Org tak sedar diri sebenarnya SEDIH,
      Bangunlah cepat sebelum TERLAMBAT

      Sesak sehari tapi maju BERABAD,
      Yang mengunci polis yang HEBAT,
      Mintalah voucher dari aunty ROSMAH,
      Takkan mak kedekut wangnya BERLAMBAK

      Hidup zaman mana lu yang BUTA,
      Cepatlah sedar sebelum MERONTA,
      Memang nampak minda lu yang CETEK,
      Baik tinggal kampung bikin kain BATIK

  13. Malaysian

    Too many rubbish from " kotor " group…

  14. Lompat si Katak

    After all the hype & effort…..the end result is POLICE MENANG!!!!

    BERSIH could only shout, got whacked, got shot & disperse. This is all they had achieved.

    BRAVO for the effort but too bad….it's as good as nothing

    • Raja

      What a stupid response from you !!! All Bersih wanted is to march peacefully and submit a memo to the King .

      The BN govt and police have turned what was a peaceful assembly ( provided in the Malaysian constitution) and showed the whole world what stupid people they are . You are one of them also .

      Remember , marches and demonstrations are what caused shange in Libya , turkey , philipines. . So it is a valid and peaceful means excepy when the government is shady and full of corruption .

      f you dont know your Malaysian History the Malayian Union and MNO first started out by doing demos against the british .

      They have ruled for more than 50 years .

      So who says they didnt acheive anything – More peopel will vote BN out in thenext election because of thier heavy handedness – So thanks to Bersih

      Stupid , stupid

  15. Dan

    shame on you

  16. riya

    wow what is wrong with you people. obviously ignorant about what's going on around you, or just plain bored with nothing better to do. do something productive why don't you – like shut up. let real malaysians do their part. thanks.

  17. Kian Ye

    Yes! Let's shoot these nuisances in town today. Kasi ajar kaw-kaw!

  18. Jerry

    Based on recent live report……I could sense the following:

    "On ya mark…get set…….TEMBAK!!! (at those YELLOW MONKEYS of course). Next, MASS OBITUARIES for these YELLOW DONKEYS

  19. Kian Ye

    Bunch of ASSHOLES wearing YELLOW (Bersih)
    Bunch of WANKERS wearing RED (UMNO Youth)
    Bunch of IDIOTS wearing PURPLE (Perkasa)

    The govt. should just allocate an remote island somewhere in Malaysia for all these JACKASSES in Yellow, Red & Purple to fight it out. Allow them fight each other & more importantly allow them to kill each other until they are finally fed-up with all these nonsense. All these DUMBASS deserve ‘No Place’ in our modern society (let alone our beloved country called Malaysia). AMBIGA SUNDAL KELING & her konco-konco, IBRAHIM KATAK ALI & his konco-konco + KJ & his konco-konco are just a bunch of BARBARIC IDIOTS who are still living in Stone-age era preferring to march here & there shouting like CAVEMEN & CAVE WOMEN exclaiming excitement upon seeing something modern called an “Ipad”

    Can we have an end to all these BERSIH nonsense??? Why don’t these BERSIH wankers just lock themselves up in their own bathroom & shout whatever they want??? At least with their own echoes in their bathroom might give them somekind of ‘syiok sendiri’ sensation, while, the nation enjoy peace & stability.

    BERSIH, PERKASA & PATRIOT UMNO YOUTH…..go screw yaself, ok???

    • Ren

      You are just fucking stupid or you are just to ignorance to see what's wrong with our government. If you don't know what's really happening, I suggest you to STFU and drink more milk, grow some balls and brain before you put up such nonsense comment.

      • Kian Ye

        REN, you are even worse. Why are you posting here & why aren’t you at the RALLY. NO BALLS???? Cakap aje tahu tapi takut mati.

        Ya mother should slap you with her bra till you finally become a MAN

      • Kian Ye

        REN, why are you posting here & NOT at the RALLY??? NO BALLS??? Hahahahaha.

        Maybe ya MOTHER should take off her BRA & slap you until you finally find ya BALLS to become a TRUE MAN.

        Good Luck!

        • Kian Ye is bastard

          what a pussy. so much for thinking about yourself rather about other people. event if im not at the rally at least im not a selfish bastard pig as you. go fuck yourself. go living on your own fucking island you TRUE MAN fucker.

        • Your end is near

          Maybe you are screwing your own mother, with the kind of comments you are coming out woth.

    • andrewyjh

      I'm guessing you're also the same guy who didn't register himself as a voter. Yeah, what a way to express your opinion.

      • Kian Ye

        Aiyah…what for register??? Life is GOOD. No complaints.

        • Mark

          Wow, you son of a bitch. By that, I mean that your mom is Najib's whore. Or should I use the phrase "was" Najib's whore? Since she had been "used" by all BN politicians before. Do you even know who your father is?

    • Kian Ye Stupid

      you just a piece of shit Kian Ye

    • Ku Ning

      Fuck you.