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Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Saya sudah bekerja dengan MCCHR…

1 month ago

Ulasan saya mengenai isu tanah bagi masyarakat orang asli

Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Ringkasan Laporan Inkuiri Nasional Mengenai…

3 months ago


Rosdila Ngah Roslan ialah fellow orang asli MCCHR dari 1 Mac hingga 31 Ogos 2020. Apa itu buli? Ia didefinisikan…

3 months ago

Download: Deklarasi Hak Orang Asal Antarabangsa (UNDRIP)

Download the infographic for the Deklarasi Hak Orang Asal Antarabangsa (UNDRIP) here!

7 years ago

#GE13 Vote For, To And So That …

Consider these.

8 years ago

#IdolaDemokrasi 39: When West Met East

Desecration of indigenous land and lives understood up close in my maiden visit to Sarawak.

8 years ago

Powering The Orang Asal Voice In A Democracy Of The Minority

Full text of the talk presented at #TEDxMS on 5 November 2012.

8 years ago

LB’s 2011 Wishlist, Revisited

Cos you gotta rewind, to free your mind.

9 years ago

The Root Causes of Poverty in Sabah & Sarawak, Exposed (Stories from the East)

Daniel John Jambun outlines 11 major reasons for the poverty levels seen in Sabah & Sarawak.

10 years ago

Inequality Sucks! (Stories From The East)

Why do some have and many don't? It's too easy to blame it on race, religion and politics when it…

10 years ago

Sarawak, From the Outside Looking In (Stories from the East)

We kick start this week's 'Stories from the East' with a pensive piece by columnist Dina Zaman who looks back…

10 years ago

Who Are The Aggressors?

On the 18th Feb, 2011, 100 armed thugs camped at Rumah Ranggong, Sarawak with explosives & parangs, over a land…

10 years ago

LoyarBurok’s 2011 Wishlist

LoyarBurok's 10 wishes for 2011, as voted by LoyarBurokkers.

10 years ago

LoyarBurok’s Top 10 of 2010

LoyarBurok casts a collective beady eye at the twelve months that was 2010.

10 years ago

10 Reasons Why Orang Asli Customary Lands Should Be Protected

Addressing FAQ by Malaysians regarding Orang Asli customary land rights. "What makes them so special that they can demand customary…

10 years ago

Orang Asli struggle for customary lands continues

Regarding the dynamics of the Government notion of "consultation" when it comes to the Orang Asli and why it needs…

10 years ago

OA Irrelevant?

Considering the "relevance" of the OA community's demands from the government's perspective following a historic OA protest walk in Putrajaya…

10 years ago

OA Angers!

On March 17, 2010 The OA community took to Putrajaya for a historic walk and what seems to be the…

11 years ago