Moment Lampu Suluh: Kem Litigasi Strategik

Minda yang dibebaskan di Kem #StLit pada 21-23 Jun 2013.

8 years ago

Firing Up Your Legal Practice with the iPad

It's not a toy or gaming machine but to this lawyer, it sure is everything else.

9 years ago

Litigation Lawyer Wish #3: A pleasant hearing

A personal sketch of what a pleasant hearing could comprise of. Feel free to tell what you think it could…

10 years ago

Ask Lord Bobo: 100 Apologies, Power, and The Hardest Question

This week, His Supreme Eminenceness talks tweets, power, and the hardest question ever.

10 years ago

LLVL: Litigators or Pirates?

Female litigators dressed as pirates, and in spaghetti-straps?!

10 years ago

Of Learning: Lessons From My First Year

A young lawyer reflects on her first year of practice, and on the journey of learning.

10 years ago

LLVL: First Taste Of Murky Corporate Maneuverings

The whole charade was an act to manipulate the shareholders, share prices, the regulators, and ultimately the market.

10 years ago

LLVL: Corporate vs Litigation: Fight!

How are corporate lawyers different from litigation lawyers? (powder keg lit)

10 years ago

Due Diligence in the Business World (Part 2)

This is the second in a three-part weekly series which provides an overview of the due diligence process: the different…

11 years ago

On the Disappearance of Wigs in Malaysia

Those of us at Loyarburok are fortunate to occasionally enjoy the company of senior lawyers. Even better, we sometimes get…

11 years ago

Of Judges, KPIs, Justice & Superficiality

Art Harun deconstructs Tun Zaki's new KPI-inspired leadership and shows it for what it is.

12 years ago