Ayuh, Peguam Muda! Mari Sertai Litigasi Kepentingan Awam!

Peguam muda diajak bergiat dalam litigasi kepentingan awam

8 years ago

Top 3 LoyarBergaya Tips: How To Dress With Style And Confidence

Rudi's top 3 LoyarBerfashion tips on how to dress with style and confidence.

9 years ago

The Bar Council President And His Press Releases

Fahri Azzat responds to a senior lawyer's posting on an email forum on the Bar Council President's Press Releases, and…

10 years ago

No fear. No favour. We are the Malaysian Bar.

The ear of a leader must ring with the voices of the people and the moment he stops listening to…

10 years ago

‘The Non-Practising Advocate & Solicitor’

A consideration of whether the phrase 'The Non-Practising Advocate & Solicitor', which is increasingly popular and used by law graduates…

11 years ago

Of Half-Past Six Muslims

The following is an edited reproduction of a posting that I made on Lawyerstalk, an online forum comprising of lawyers…

11 years ago