East Malaysia

Who Owns the Oil in Sabah & Sarawak?

A radical solution for the oil problems of East Malaysia?

8 years ago

Those Damned Dams!

Why the Un-Swung Votes, Ulu Bengoh Darom Piin?

9 years ago

Joni Somudin – A Victim of the Worldwide Wave of Violence (Stories From the East)

Daniel John Jambun highlights the exasperation of Sabahans about sovereignty and security, and the political agendas of a few that…

10 years ago

In Defense of My Fellow Sarawakians Who Exercised Their Voting Rights (Stories From the East)

Together with hundreds of thousands of other Sarawakians, M. Chauhan recently exercised his right as a citizen to vote in…

10 years ago

State Of Sabah (Stories From the East)

In this piece, Ryan Soo looks back at the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and the journey of his home…

10 years ago

Being An ‘Easy’ Malaysian Lawyer – The Argument for Sabah (Stories From the East)

When His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Justice Bobo recently directed a submission on a point of constitutional importance involving the Federation,…

10 years ago

Sarawak, From the Outside Looking In (Stories from the East)

We kick start this week's 'Stories from the East' with a pensive piece by columnist Dina Zaman who looks back…

10 years ago

416: Sarawak, Silent No More

LoyarBurokker and Sibu native Adrian Chew tells us to watch closely, as change is in the air in Sarawak.

10 years ago

They Paved Paradise To Put Up A Coal Plant

Plans to build a 300MW coal plant on a paradise-like site in Sabah are well underway and yet mainstream reports…

10 years ago

Is KL Really That Far Away From Sibu?

A consideration on why no Sarawakian should feel that they live in a distant cocoon, impervious to so-called "national issues"…

11 years ago