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5-min Survey on Malaysian Lawyers Pain Point

An MBA student seeks your assistance to complete this survey.

3 years ago

Apa Anda Tahu Mengenai Fi Guaman Dan Kos Mahkamah?

Perbezaan antara fi guaman dengan kos Mahkamah.

4 years ago

How to Mitigate Sentence for an Accused

There are some things you should be aware of when crafting your mitigation.

4 years ago

The Distinction between Legal Fees and Court Costs

In Malaysia, if I sue someone, can I get back my legal costs?

4 years ago

BC’s CPD Motion – Justification Attempts to Hide the Truth

BC, say it as it is, please. My response to Richard's clarification.

5 years ago

Bar Council’s CPD proposals flawed

Shanmuga K says no to mandatory CPD. Carrot more than stick.

5 years ago

7 tips for a meaningful pupillage

Lim Wei Jiet's must-read for those embarking on a legal career.

6 years ago

Why Andrew Khoo is running for Bar Council

Andrew tell us what drives him.

6 years ago

BC Election 2016/17: Statement of Ideation

Why I am standing for election to the BC (2016/17), again.

6 years ago

Malaysian Bar Council bans lawyers from using virtual offices

The Bar Council is refusing to keep up with technology and changes to legal practice.

6 years ago

Constitutionality of the Attorney General’s Removal

All becomes clear when one delves into a bit of constitutional history.

6 years ago

Big Firm vs Small Firm: A Big Fuss Over A Small Itch

Raphael Kok says size doesn’t matter.

6 years ago

Legal Startups

An article from The Edge on the legal industry.

6 years ago

5 Ways Law Changed Me (for better or for worse)

CLP student Sha-Lyn ponders her lawyerly existence.

6 years ago