Judging the Judges

On our Judges and other matters of the Judiciary

A Mother’s Desperate Plea For Justice

The recent Court of Appeal decision in the Registrar of Muallafs, Ipoh v Indira Gandhi a/p Mutho has provoked much…

5 years ago

Indefinite Liability of Guarantors for Demand Guarantees in Malaysia

Puthan Perumal comments on section 81 of the Contracts Act 1950.

7 years ago

Attorney-General or Pamphleteer- General? – A Reform Long Due (Part 3)

Part 3 of this series by Lim Wei Jiet looks at the brighter side of things – how to reform…

7 years ago

Attorney-General or Pamphleteer-General? – A Reform Long Due (Part 2)

Part 2 of this article examines the structural flaws that result in today’s shockingly lack of independence and accountability by…

7 years ago

What I Said About Election Judges Applies Mutatis Mutandis

NH Chan defends his statements against the Election Judges in his previous article.

7 years ago

Attorney-General or Pamphleteer-General? – A Reform Long Due (Part 1)

Part 1 examines the (utter) failure of our current Attorney-General in carrying out his duties.

7 years ago

Immediate Proprietor/Interest Holder vs Subsequent Proprietor/Interest Holder

Puthan Perumal presents a legal commentary section 340(3) of the National Land Code 1965.

7 years ago

A Sense of Injustice

Retired Judge NH Chan returns with a scathing rebuke of election judges

7 years ago

Attorney General or Pamphleteer General — A Reform Long Due by Lim Wei Jiet

Part 1 of this article examines the (utter) failure of our current AG in carrying out his duty to uphold…

7 years ago

The “Allah” Decision is Wrong in Constitutional Law

Tommy Thomas explains the why the Allah decision was not constitutional.

7 years ago

Ubi Est Amor?

Reforming the Judiciary with love.

8 years ago

Justice For LGBTs, Justice For Malaysia

Why is justice so far from those who really need it?

9 years ago

Absolutely Unreasonable

Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done

9 years ago

Retrospective Pension for Chief Justice Zaki (?)

Tommy Thomas offers a critical examination of the Judges Remuneration (Amendment) Act 2011.

9 years ago

54 Years After Merdeka: How The Judiciary Must Help Us By Helping Itself

Andrew explains how and why the Judiciary needs to be freed from the Executive.

9 years ago

My Father, the Judge (Stories from the East)

Chong Yuh Tyng contributes to this week's Stories from the East with a poignant piece about a great Sarawakian, her…

10 years ago

LoyarBocor: MB Pahang + Hakim Kuantan = Pegawai Mahkamah & Rakyat Sengsara

Satu kisah penyalahgunaan kuasa di Mahkamah untuk "menjaga nama baik Yang Arif Dato'".

10 years ago

Heavier Sentences Not Solution To Reduce Crime

What is the purpose of a heavy sentence when it is an almost forgone conclusion that an offender who completes…

10 years ago

Speedy Gone Justice!

A hard critical look at the Chief Justice's apparent initiatives to revamp legal practice, and some questions for his Lordship…

10 years ago